Anti-Cheat System has been updated + Some News!


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May 28, 2019
Hey there ^^

It has been a while since the latest servers' changes,
today, a new anti-cheat has been installed which will help to detect and block most of the SteamID changers and more game cheats,

for that, all the players' SteamIDs has been reset, so basically all the ranks//bans/ammopacks and stats has been pruned,
in other words, it's a fresh restart and will be a new opportunity for a new competition as well ^^

For every admin who have his privileges' attached with SteamID, you'll have to send a new SteamID and it will be changed as soon as possible ^^
please contact me via the forum (inbox) or use the following email: myrtle.houle98 [at] gmail (dot) com (replace [at] with @ and (dot) with . )

In the meanwhile and thanks for all the collaboration and help done, a sum can be well invested in a better boosting and bringing more and more players by time,
that will take some time in fact, but things gonna become better in the upcoming period (hopefully)

If you have any problems/errors with the new system, please reply in this thread or contact me via DM ?

Good changes coming soon, wait for it ^^ !!
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