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A little bit about us

GS2US is a multilingual gaming platform that caters to a global audience. We are dedicated to providing a wide range of free PC and console games, making gaming accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial capabilities.

Our platform is not just about providing games. We are committed to keeping our users informed about the latest developments in the gaming world. Our news section covers everything from game releases to major updates in the gaming industry.

In addition to news, we offer comprehensive guides to help gamers navigate through challenging levels or understand complex game mechanics. These guides are written in simple language, ensuring they are easy to understand for gamers of all ages and proficiency levels.

We also publish a variety of articles on different aspects of gaming. These articles provide insights into your favorite games, introduce you to new ones, and delve into various topics of interest in the gaming world.

GS2US is more than a website; it’s a community for gamers worldwide. We strive to make gaming enjoyable and inclusive for everyone, irrespective of their language or location.

Why to choose US?

In the rapidly evolving world of gaming, we understand the need for a dependable source that’s not only rampant with variety, but also updated and engaging. Our vast selection of free computer games, ranging from globally known to less renowned, caters to all your gaming appetites. We take pride in our multicultural, multilingual approach, with expert authors diligently crafting content in seven languages for an inclusive gaming experience. Our team is ceaselessly working on bringing about the freshest titles, news and guides out there. Choosing us means joining a diverse, devoted community where gaming is more than a pastime – it’s a lifestyle.

Unmatched Gaming Catalog

We offer an exhaustive collection of both widely recognized and lesser-known computer games, ensuring that every gamer finds their preferred genre and title on our platform- all for free!

Expert Gaming Content

Our multilinguistic and globally diverse team of authors are not just linguistically skilled, but are also ardent gaming enthusiasts. With unique insights and the love for gaming, they work tirelessly to bring the most authentic and updated content.

Timely Game Updates

We strive to keep our gaming catalog updated. Our daily game releases ensure that our visitors always have fresh content to explore.

Global Gaming Community

With our site available in seven different languages, we are fostering an international gaming community, where gamers from across the world can unite, interact, and share their experiences.

Comprehensive Gaming Guides

We understand that not every game is easy to master. Hence, we employ dedicated authors to craft detailed game guides, exploits, and tips to improve your gaming skills.

Latest Gaming News

We keep our finger on the pulse of the exciting gaming industry. Our team delivers the latest gaming news, announcements, event coverage, and more to keep our visitors informed and engaged.

Upcoming Expansion

As part of our growth strategy, we’re constantly expanding our team of expert authors. Not only will this improve our content output, but it will also allow us to engage with specialized sections tailored to match the evolving interests of our globally diverse audience.

How to start?

If you’re looking for a specific game, you can use the search button bellow. Otherwise, you can browse specific categories listed at the main menu to get the latest games for each console (PC, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PSVITA, Android and many others!), we’re adding new games on a daily basis.

Please note that some console sections are not available yet, we’re working in adding them as soon as possibly can. But we make sure to get the latest fully working, stable and secure versions so you can easily download for free with the fastest possible speed. Use the following search button to double check the availability of your required game:

The same may apply to other different sections of the website, including news & guides as well as other form of articles that can help you get a better overall gaming experience. We make sure everything is well selected, written and translated in some cases in order to provide unique and fresh pieces of content that will satisfy our users.