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Sep 12, 2020
I attached on time when it happened on Monday and now Tueerday evening... I feel this server doesnt protect and support the players who is not cheating. Thyank you Bambi!


May 14, 2020
🇩🇪 Germany
only Inferno map:
Hamo and Homo are used WH and aim.
Yes, both do and "Chax" too.
I'd like to ban these three guys, but you have neither attached a status-screenshot nor entered status into the console while recording.
There is nothing I can do without their Steam IDs.

In the future, please type "status" and after that "snapshot" into the console and upload the screenshot with the demo-file.

I think I found a cheater, its name: ;p
He uses aim.
I don't see a clearly aimbot-scene here, sorry. Apart from that I couldn't help you without his Steam ID.

You can join the discord Server and highlight Admins by typing "@admins" in the Chat. This is the fastest way to get help, when an admin is online.