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    Some Servers will be down for while

    Hi @HiDeath Do you have redundancy servers on any other DC's if not as suggestions if you took it on FR1 or AM1 for redundancy. I can help you in designing that in case if you required as this is my related background of low latency solutions architect. SBG2 is completely destroyed by fire while...
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    report mudit (ADMIN)

    @Nyanmaru unfortunately the demo have been doesn't show yesterday play recording, can you help me how I can locate the yesterday file. demo file shows only today's recording of 95 minutes
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    report mudit (ADMIN)

    Hey guys, I was away from keyboard, let me share you demo where the things were spotted. You can see my records I never ban anyone without warning and without evidence, I play fair and believe in same.
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    Help 9pasha Ban appeal

    @HiDeath 9pasha is continuing use of wall hack, I've banned him/her for 30 minutes, Wicki was playing with me and same has clearly seen. please check and banned permanently
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    @HiDeath appreciate if you can activate my admin profile already paid
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    Skins are not working, can you fix it please. They were working earlier.
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    Classic Maps Only Public: New Counter-Strike 1.6 server coming out!

    @HiDeath, Sir I've bought privileges around 30 hours ago but my order is yet not activated, can you please do the needful?
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    Hi admins, I've paid yesterday around 26 hours ago witch have user name: mudit but still my VIP access is yet not activated, can you please look into it?
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    Same here, I've paid and still not activated