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  1. gambit

    Solved [Cheater] ~HerCuLes~ (VIP) STEAM_1:0:292670546

    If you find someone fishy and they turn off... rejoin after changing nick.. they will turn on again once the vip/admin leave.
  2. gambit

    admin behavior

    Yes It seems his behavior is bad or he bans for no reason at all. He also banned a person on de_dust2 for getting frustrated at b bomb site alone while everyone else went a long and the guy he banned said "fuck team go b". Banned That guy for insult swearing. I got a complain on steam. I'll...
  3. gambit

    Solved dr.bouboule Ban appeal

    I am a little disappointed, I was waiting to see your demo. In case you don't know what demo is. It's a file that is saved while you play. You can look for it by the name of gs2us_dust2only.dem in your cstrike folder... I hope you find that demo or if not it means you really had something to...
  4. gambit

    Solved dr.bouboule Ban appeal

    i was watching you for a long period of time for this whole month... finally decided to ban you. Some questionable kills and position awareness like that last kill you wall banged with only 2 bullets and then moved. You knew one was there and that guy never peeked. NO DEMO=NO UNBAN.. if i am...
  5. gambit

    Solved KaraAki

    @Reli you can find the demo in cstrike folder named gs2us_dust2only.dem. Copy that file and upload it on zippy share and send the link here.