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    Help tomte1 Ban appeal

    unbanned. have a nice game.
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    Help tomte1 Ban appeal

    turn of wh. look last 3minutes. You moove mouse only in this places where opponent staying.
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    Help BFD_Portugal Ban appeal

    Don’t tell fairy tales. nyanmaru, look all demo and say yours opinion. When i banned this "Player", another players sayd thanx to mee.
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    Help un4given adin is cheater

    this is not real un4given. i banned him :) thnx [email protected]
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    Help Pila Ban appeal

    DRG, nyanmaru not interesting what we sayd. He have own opinion and agree that players in his server play with cheats. save your time, we do not change anything. its easily to change server that disqus with him
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    Help Pila Ban appeal

    i dont must to tell u if u dont understand cs. sorry, but i dont want to speake more in that theme. people who look his demo saw how this players move on the walls with his mouse. u want to unban cheaters, u make it... give me low and high five. its my last post on this theme.
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    Help Pila Ban appeal

    dont be a server admin if u are not looking demo and not understand cs. spoke about sound in 100 metres in map.. better not wrote about sound to not joke a people... bye master of cs.....
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    Help Pila Ban appeal

    are u serious????? please so not joke look his demo, 101% wallhack and u say it ok??? omg what a server and whats admins.... if u sat what wall is ok in your server, ill my friend delete your server from favorite list. ..... not a normal players server, but cheaters and admins whithout...
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    Help Pila Ban appeal

    nyanmaru, how u look demo and unban in 2 minutes after Pila write a post ? In your server play a lot wallhackers and u tolerate it.... LOL U are not looking demo and unban all the players. Cheaters servers.
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    Help adimitsu ! Ban appeal

    nyanmaru, he use wallhack. Look all demo and u will see.
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    Help assil mrz Ban appeal

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    Help MRCO[21] Ban appeal

    wallhack. no unban.
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    Help assil mrz Ban appeal

    Only for this words u will not be unbaned. "i dont know what wrong with this *** admin ektaliON if is bot dont think all players noobs like u () "
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    Help krusty Ban appeal

    upload demo
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    Help AKIM Ban appeal

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    Help ~HerCuLes~ Ban appeal