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    "SP4MMER" 171692 STEAM_1:0:1757089118 17 02:05 87 0 Server: warcraft3 Aiming. Screen shakes when shooting and before shooting. Always gets a headshot.
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    Admin Abuse

    This admin ----> ~cherish your life." 171542 STEAM_0:0:29037938 30 07:05 62 0 Slaying and Slapping for no reason of another player: "losser admn ha ha ha" 171547 STEAM_1:0:793904614 -18 01:58 97 0 When I told him I would report him for abuse he told me "go ahead I don't care"
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    How to use Admin privileges

    I am unable to use admin privileges in game after purchasing and being activated. Are admin privileges not automatically integrated in game once activated?
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    Bought the other day. Still haven't received.