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  1. Bambi

    Solved [abuse of Adminrights][Cheater] ex1T STEAM_1:0:2091786427

    ex1T STEAM_1:0:2091786427 Admin GS2US.COM || Dust2 Only Public [24/7] When he is dead in the CT-Team and the bomb got planted, he sometimes directed his team to the correct bombspot by admin message. Not very fair and not a good behaviour for an admin. The bigger problem is that he obviously...
  2. Bambi

    Solved [Cheater] ~HerCuLes~ (VIP) STEAM_1:0:292670546

    ~HerCuLes~ STEAM_1:0:292670546 VIP GS2US.COM || Dust2 Only Public [24/7] ~HerCuLes~ was using an Aimbot. Stopped when he noticed that I'm spectating. Demos gs2us_dust2_only.dem starting at 109:02 hercules.dem starting at 125:02
  3. Bambi

    [Cheater] Vodka STEAM_0:0:1322064921

    Vodka STEAM_0:0:1322064921 GS2US.COM || Dust2 Only Public [24/7] Player is Cheating with Aimbot Demo
  4. Bambi

    [Cheater] S3OUB STEAM_1:0:2003452290

    Any Admin Online right now? ^^ S3OUB STEAM_1:0:2003452290 GS2US.COM || Dust2 Only Public [24/7] Player is Cheating with Aimbot ... absolutely Noob, but Aimbot. :/ Demos
  5. Bambi

    Solved [Cheater] IvchoUBG STEAM_1:0:484752704

    IvchoUBG STEAM_1:0:484752704 GS2US.COM || Dust2 Only Public [24/7] Player was Cheating with Aimbot and ESP/Wallhack ...the full package. Demo Those idiots take all the fun out of the game.