Grow Castle MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Surname Castle grow
package com.raongames.growcastle
size 41M
Required Android 4.4
MOD functions unlimited money

Grow Castle MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is one of the standout games of the tower defense genre. With simple gameplay and fun graphics, it’s hard to deny its presence on your Android device.

Introduction to Grow Castle

Tower defense games are very popular these days. They get a lot of attention from the gaming community and can include you. Grow Castle – be part of this category. It has simple gameplay designed with two main goals in mind to provide entertainment and to take advantage of players’ tactical skills.


Grow Castle has an initial story about the invasion of hordes of monsters. Your kingdom is the next chosen target. The destruction will happen soon, but luckily you have been warned about it. However, the kingdom’s armed forces were quite weak, so most of the bases were captured. Now the last remaining base is the castle. You will face your enemies one last time and forever.

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Style of play

As with other defense games, your only job is to make sure your tower is still standing after every wave of enemy attacks. Everything looked pretty easy on the first wave. The system gives some instructions on how to add units and how the game works. The enemies kept coming from the right side of the screen, destroying everything that was in the way. You will destroy them until the time of this wave ends.

If you are victorious, the next wave will open with more enemies. This means that the level of difficulty increases gradually. The longer the defense duration, the greater the monsters’ powers, including speed and power. So you have to get stronger in order to adapt. Upgrading the main tower, recruiting new units, and building side towers are all possibilities you can think of.

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In terms of towers, as I mentioned above, there are two types: primary and secondary. The tower is the target that you need to protect from enemies. If at some point it is destroyed, the game ends immediately and you will have to play it again from the previous wave. The main tower has some special advantages in that it can accommodate many troop units and has many special abilities. In addition, they can be upgraded to increase HP and MP. In addition, the auxiliary tower only has one skill (everyone has a different skill) and only one place to place units.

On the opposing side, they keep getting stronger. At a certain point in time, bosses will appear. They’re big, have more HP, and are terribly destructive. Make sure your army’s attacks are fast enough before the tower can’t take it anymore.

Expansion castle grow 1024x576 upgrade

However, the boss isn’t the most terrible thing. The monsters you face tend to grow quickly. They even build towers and have their own witches. She would use her magic all the time to increase attack speed and defense, or even bring large dragons onto the battlefield. This is a warning of the difficulties you will encounter in the future.


Currently, Grow Castle has up to 120 units so you can freely customize your tactics. Each of them has special abilities and brings different effects. For example, magicians can freeze enemies, magicians create thunderstorms, while stoner can throw large stones at enemies. In addition, the attack distance, damage and experience points are completely different. Let it be discovered in this game!

Graphics and effects are simple

As you can see, Grow Castle is not only simple in gameplay but also in graphics. The characters don’t have faces, just shapes. However, this does not mean that this is the design team’s inattention to this game. They focus more on explosion effects or magic when attacking. Overall, they are appealing and still make you interesting.

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Some other functions

If you’re looking for a real challenge, join the Infinity Mode. The fight took place here for a long time. You can also build up your guild and recruit members. Build colonial areas, hire miners to earn coins. Promote and create new heroes from the LAB room. You have to do whatever it takes to grow and get stronger. Real-time rankings rate every player in the system and do you have the option to write your name on them?

MOD APK version of Grow Castle

MOD function

Unlimited money (gold / crystals / skill points): besides tactics, upgrading towers and archers is the easiest way to protect your citadel. With the amount of Grow Castle MOD APK version you can upgrade conveniently with no limits. Also, when you use it, the money doesn’t decrease.

Download Grow Castle MOD APK For Android

Grow Castle is interesting and offers a lot of entertainment. Additionally, this game has a relatively small capacity of only around 40MB and requires an Android 4.1+ operating system, making it suitable for low-end devices. This ensures that everything runs smoothly so that players can experience the best.