Farm Paradise MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Name Farm paradise
Package com.foranj.farmparadise
Publisher Foranj – day farm games and paradisiacal township hotels
Execution 2.26 (building 226011)
Size 56M
Requires Android
MOD functions unlimited money
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Farm Paradise MOD APK is a farming game, but this time you are on an island far from the outside world, enjoying the colorful tropical space and doing everything yourself.

Introduction to Farm Paradise

Farm Paradise is also about the activities of growing, planting, harvesting, raising and exchanging agricultural products. Everything will take place on a dreamlike tropical island.


Farm Paradise is about a person’s journey to a paradise island. After the first sight you were completely captivated by the peaceful and fresh beauty of this place and decided to build your own property. The final beautiful result will be a beautiful farm full of plants, fruits and animals. You will forget the busy life before and live like a real farmer on this desert island.

When you play Farm Paradise you will experience many farming skills using a variety of different crops, from food crops to fruit trees and flowers. Each variety has a completely unique way of sowing seeds, planting trees, a schedule of fertilization, watering, and harvesting methods. By following the instructions in the game you will go through each phase and then successfully harvest the first, second and third batch of agricultural products … After you have harvested the raw agricultural products, use them for recipes such as cakes, dough, candy, cookies … The end product is sold to nice neighbors in the area or to a neighboring city.

Not only adults play Farm Paradise

As long as children can record the game progress, read fluently and use smartphones, they can play Farm Paradise. But they are even more eager than adults because with the myriad of different farming activities, children can interact a lot from objects to people. This allows them to stimulate the brain to work and generate excited energy in a very gentle and peaceful way.

What is the exciting thing about breeding?

In addition to growing crops or visiting places on the island, you will become a talented farm owner who has many pets in your yard. Build barns, choose breeds of farm animals, take care of them every day. You can even collect cute animals from around the world, gather in one place, and create a miniature zoo campus for tourists. With every satisfied customer, you receive money and gifts. Use this to add capital to keep investing in new agricultural varieties and find new animals.

You can look after pets, feed them, raise them, and train them to help with farming. You will also build and improve your own houses and functional factories and discover new places on the island. Later on, you may have the opportunity to unlock new game modes with other interesting island landmarks.

Another attractive mission for gamers

Play for a while and you will be the character Dr. See Johnson, a famous archaeologist. Some events urge you to become the doctor’s companion to explore and visit unknown corners of the island together. You can find valuable artifacts and collect great bonuses.

In this colorful tropical island world, players are also prepared to fly planes, trains and cars to avoid passive situations when farming here. Since there is no assistant, you have to actively drive your car or pickup truck to transport goods for sale to the neighboring city.

Graphics and sound

The island in Farm Paradise deserves to be a gem because it is so beautiful, spacious and colorful. The energy that the game radiates will make you forget all the stresses of the day and relive your childhood dreams.

The game also flexibly changes the angle of rotation. Sometimes it is very far to see a large area in full, sometimes you zoom in to see every sheep and every ripe barley field clearly. Switching back and forth between zoom in and out modes can be a bit confusing at first. But once you get used to it, it helps a lot.

The game music is gentle, smooth with tropical vibes. The effect of collecting money clearly at the right time every time you complete a task creates a lot of tension while gaming too.

MOD APK version of Farm Paradise

MOD function

  • unlimited money
  • Unlimited diamonds


Increase when you spend.

Download Farm Paradise MOD APK for Android

When life is too cluttered, find a peaceful place. When the big city is no longer the promised land, the places that have been forgotten by people seem to be safe places to stay. Farm Paradise takes you to a remote island, far from the noisy world. What are you waiting for without playing to relax your mind?