Battle Bay MOD APK (Quick Shot) Download

Surname Slaughter bay
package com.rovio.battlebay
publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
size 284M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD functions Fast shot

Fighting on land, fighting in the air, entering the dungeon … you will always wonder what it will be like to fight on the water. If you want to know how it will be let’s play Battle Bay MOD APK, this game is considered the best fighting game on the sea.

Introduction to Battle Bay

Battle Bay is an intense sea battle game from publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation, the publisher of the hit Angry Birds Game that nobody can play without. I didn’t try to play it at first because I choose the game a little carefully. But when I scroll down to see the comments under the introduction on Google Play and I see a lot of praise then I think maybe this is exactly what I was looking for.

Unpredictable changes, all decisions are made immediately

In this game you will master modern warships and fight with your teammates to destroy all enemy warships. Specifically, join 4 other teammates, one for each ship, to fight on a random bay map.

During the game, every decision you make affects the outcome of the fight. The winning team is the side that shoots down all the warships on the other side, then you capture a blue dot on the map.

Battle Bay for Android 1440x810

This hectic fighting game in a fairly poetic setting takes place in a relatively short amount of time. Each game only lasts a maximum of 5 minutes. But you can imagine how many things happen in those 5 minutes: control the ship, aim, shoot, follow the waves to get closer to the enemy, move the ship so that it is reasonable with the wave speed to aim and shoot. no deviation, use the terrain to ambush enemy ship traps, play defensive campaigns with teammates, use obstacles on the water to surprise guerrillas … so many things to do at the same time and 5 minutes becomes very long of excitement with full effort , Voltage.

Some tips for playing Battle Bay

After playing this game I take the liberty of sharing some tips with newer mats, hopefully your experience will be smoother and progress faster than mine.

At first you will notice that the rhythm is pretty slow. Simply because the first 1-2 matches, the number of obstacles and enemy ships is not much, the tactical requirements are not too complicated. However, when you enter games 4-5 and up, you will find that the tactical nature of the game is quite challenging. You will receive suggestions from your teammates or make your suggestions in battle on how to all band together to shoot a warship in the middle of the site, or all of them do the east attack, both hitting enemy ships and luring them into the trap area with many Field niche and then jump out of hiding to shoot. Make use of the martial arts of Sun Tzu or any combat knowledge that you have accumulated in your head, make full use of it here and win with your teammates as soon as possible.

Battle Bay MOD APK download 1440x810

The game doesn’t have a complicated storyline, you just have to focus on choosing the ship and fighting. In a teammate sea battle game like this, you need to consider which “path” you want to take: be the star of the fight alone or work hard to coordinate with your teammates and find the best common strategy for the team. It can be said that fighting alone is never a good decision (otherwise no one would have made such a 5v5 game mode).

Since you only have one warship, each warship has only its strengths. When you know how to coordinate your teammates, you can simultaneously take advantage of the benefits of the entire team to compensate for your weaknesses. Isn’t that a better way?

Types of warships in the game

You again have a total of 5 types of Veteran Warships. Everyone has their ability and attack power.

  • Rifle ships are armed with many firearms, so they are often used in the main attack position.
  • The speeder ship has a high speed and is also supported with a wide angle turret so it can be used for guerrilla attacks, disrupting formation and making snipers slow.
  • Enforcer ships have very high multi-use capabilities and coordinate well with other types of warships that are fighting or defending.
  • The Defender ship has a defensive mission and is a good target for the whole group as it is heavily armored.
  • The fixer ship acts as a healer, able to heal itself and heal allied warships.

The fleet itself is already strong, but when armed with weapons it is even stronger. Each type of ship has a different weapon system, so equipment, machines and weapons are upgraded according to the slot. The strength of the weapons is indicated by colors: silver, blue, blue, purple and gold from low to high.

Battle Bay MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

When you have played and collected enough stars, in turn buy weapons from simple to modern to equip your team: cannons, torpedoes, ballistic missiles … or sometimes just items products to support the fighting process such as nitro boost, electromagnetic shield … weapons, those that go deeper can be further upgraded to increase damage, range, or speed.

If you want to reach a higher rank, you can create your guild and invite others to play with you, or join an existing guild to compete for high ranks with players everywhere.

MOD APK version of Battle Bay

MOD function

Fast shot

Download Battle Bay MOD APK for Android

Battle Bay is an exciting real-time marine game with the most modern fleet of warships and a level-up power-up system. The graphics are so beautiful, the music is great too. There’s no reason to turn down such an attractive game.