AirAttack 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy) Download

Surname AirAttack 2
package com.ArtInGames.AirAttack2f
publisher Colya
execution 1.5.0 (Build 15033)
size 255M
Requires Android 4.3
MOD functions Unlimited money / energy
Updated on

AirAttack 2 MOD APK is an extremely good vertical shooting game with nice graphics, rich context and dramatic air battles. Get ready and let’s fight.

Introduction to AirAttack 2

Next generation top down dogfight shooter game!

Fighting games are the best when it comes to playing fast, dramatically, and finishing with no distractions. In addition, the adrenaline rush and energy after playing these games will make you more enthusiastic, creative, and energetic when you return to work. And the fighting experience becomes even faster and cleaner when playing on the phone or tablet. If you’re looking for a game that feels amazing, then you have to play AirAttack 2 once.


AirAttack 2 takes the events of World War II as its backdrop. You will be a part of this historic war, engaging in intense dogfights between enemy factions.

While the World War and Air Combat theme serves as inspiration, the way to play AirAttack 2 is fairly straightforward and doesn’t require too many combinations or brain-hacking details. Your main operation in the game is tapping and swiping the screen to navigate the aircraft. The recording is always made in automatic mode. If you want to bomb an object that is flying low or on the ground, just tap the object and you are done.

Where does the addiction come from?

AirAttack 2 is the sequel to the well-known aircraft shooter AirAttack. Despite the same top-down shooter gameplay, AirAttack has done many new wonders this time around.

First, the game has a total of 22 levels plus a lot of small tasks for you to complete. AirAttack 2 not only helps you to play alone with the device, but also helps you to invite your Facebook friends (up to 5 people fighting on the battlefield) to challenge and compete against each other through special weekly and daily missions.

The thrill of speed and upgrade

You’ll have to constantly dodge bullets and collect items in the middle of combat as a challenge instead of aiming, shooting, and shooting. It might sound simple, but I just want to warn you that the speed in this game is extremely high. Later on, you will have to constantly strain your eyes to see bullets flying towards you like a storm while also identifying objects along the way (coins, stars …). Plus, with so many enemies, the risk of falling into an enemy plane is quite possible.

When you realize the increasing challenge in the game, you are officially addicted to AirAttack 2.

That feeling of addiction is also heightened when you are happy every time you unlock new levels and constantly receiving upgrades for your iron battleship. When you reach a certain level and you collect enough money then you have a full choice of how to upgrade the aircraft with a number of increasingly intense options such as F4Ucorsair, Spitfire, Yak, P40-Tigershark and P38-Lightining for more firepower .

Otherwise, you can increase the speed of movement faster, add special combat skills to the plane or choose a new weapon. The arsenal in this game is also rich like: Tail Gunner, Bombs, Lasers, Wingmen, Homing Rockets … The longer you go, the more interesting you can choose. This game is not only suffocating but also attractive. It’s no wonder why 9 out of 10 people can’t stop playing AirAttack 2 once.

Wide customization

The level of customization in this game surprised me because it was so extensive. First of all, you can manually select the screen in landscape or portrait orientation. Regardless of the screen mode, the game always perfects its role as a peacemaker and a unique battle. So it is okay if you get used to any type of surgery.

New events are updated every day. It is worth looking forward to this commitment and holding on to it for a long time.

When playing games, we can also freely adapt the graphics quality and the button layout to our device.

Graphics and sound

The entire image in AirAttack 2 follows a 3D style. It just looks because the colors are deeply serious, not as colorful as other fun 3D fighting games. But if you look closely, you will understand how delicate every detail is.

Light effects, explosions, collisions, exploding corpses of steel battleships while shooting and destroying look particularly good. When you look at the city from above, you can see the lights from the windows of high-rise buildings or even the bricks on the side of the road. You will also see the trembling of bombed buildings, the constant collisions of enemy planes and the dramatic scene of an airplane burning down …

Plus, everything resonates with every weapon and battlefield with its own authentic sound. The aerial photo in AirAttack 2 is not only beautiful, but also lively, lifelike, so that you do not take your eyes off the screen for a second.

Lively sensible music with 30+ epic background music is also a detail that will impress you when listening to AirAttack 2’s standard sound system.

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