GameLeft 4 Dead
Genre(s)Horror, First-Person Shooter
DeveloperValve South
PublisherValve Corporation
Release DateOctober 26, 2004

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Game requirements


  • Operating system: Windows XP.
  • Processor: Pentium 4 (3 GHz).
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • Video card: ATI 9600 / NVidia 6600 (128 MB, Shader model 2.0).
  • Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0s.
  • Disk space: 6.86 GB.


  • Operating system: Windows 7 or above.
  • Processor: Pentium g5400.
  • RAM: 2 GB.
  • Video Graphic card: NVidia 620 (1 GB) or better.
  • Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0s.
  • Disk space: 10 GB.

About the game

Left 4 Dead is a great first-person shooter designed for a multiplayer game in the zombie apocalypse setting. This toy was developed on the Source engine, which allowed developers to create a realistic and detailed picture and a great animation.

The game also received a great soundtrack. The developer of the shooter was the studio Valve. You have the opportunity to take part in a dynamic battle between people and zombies.

Left 4 Dead is the main co-operative action shooter with a third-person camera view. The game is designed for the joint passage of four players. However, you can pass the company as two, three or four, and alone.

All all the passage is based on the cooperative mode, so you just do not have to get bored, because you will be playing with other people around the world, and you will be able to have a great time in the company of your friends.

You find yourself in a huge open world, which was destroyed by the spread of a terrible virus. This virus is able to absorb all human lives, turning man after person into evil walking dead.

The mode of joint passage will give you the opportunity to have a great time with your teammates in a team of up to four people. Go together to conquer the world, where you will crush the terrible creatures.

At your disposal, a lot of different guns that you can find in the territory, also do not forget about the shelter, because with the night zombies are more insidious and active.

Missing live players will be replaced by bots. Fight here to fight against an army of rabid zombies. The latter is better not to touch, otherwise it will tear everyone to pieces.

Left 4 Dead 1: Gameplay

One of the best features about this game is the offline and online gameplay that made it attractive for horror games fans. A fantastic combination of the co-op, online with horror, action and shooting made it one of the best and worth to play the game!

Game story

The game’s story revolves around a zombie apocalypse that happened in the United States of America. Ordinary people were infected with a terrible virus, which some turned into fast and bloodthirsty zombies, and others into mutants with supernatural abilities.

The world turned upside down and began a large-scale evacuation but the four heroes could not escape the cruel fate. they stayed in the city and now have to survive and get to the point of evacuation, whatever it cost them.

The story of the game Left 4 Dead is divided into six separate companies before the first of them we will see the opening video, where four of our heroes run away from the hordes of infected monsters.

After a failed escape attempt, they find themselves on the roof of one of the buildings in Fairfield, but after hearing from a helicopter flying nearby that the nearest evacuation point is nearby, on the roof of mercy hospital, they attempt to break through the crowds of monsters to rescue.

After long and painful battles, they still manage to get on the roof of the cherished building, where they with the help of a radio call a helicopter and leave the infected city.

But do not have the time they fly away for several kilometres, the helicopter pilot begins to mutate, scared heroes are forced to kill him and the helicopter crashes, but all the characters survive and go in search of another vehicle, which is located nearby, in the garage.

It is in this old minibus, which they manage to find, they leave the city. Over the next few companies, the heroes of the game repeatedly change vehicles, fight with crowds of monsters and look for ways to leave the contaminated territory.

CO-OP Gameplay

The gameplay is primarily based on the cooperative mode of the game. In total, four people can play, each for a certain character. Moreover, players have the right to choose a character at their discretion, and this choice will depend on the starting set of weapons, abilities and skills, which the player will be able to dispose of.

Multiplayer mode is made to cheers because not every day come out masterpieces, where you in the company of friends will be able to resist a huge horde of monsters with your favourite shotgun. The choice of weapons, although small, but it is enough that the game fascinated you from the first to the last minutes.

Tasks during the game

At the heart of the gameplay Left 4 Dead are tasks, mainly designed to reach checkpoints. However, before you get to a checkpoint, you will have to perform additional tasks. Somewhere you may need to clear the area of zombies, and somewhere to find a key object or key.

Otherwise, it is a typical action, in which you have to fight with numerous hordes of zombies as you go through the levels. Moreover, zombies in this game walk and run, and it could be very quickly, attacking whole heaps. And there will be mutated zombies, exploding, puking poison and more.

The game is filled with drive and the person has almost no time to catch his breath in the middle of the level, as creepy monsters constantly appear and do not allow to relax.


In terms of features, L4D1 can be one of the best in the world. That’s due to the fact that this game involves too many types of features that made it really enjoyable to play and for sure worth to download and install! If you didn’t try or watched the game yet, here are some features that will you like most probably:

  • The basis of the gameplay is an endless fight against infected fellow citizens. Each of the six companies consists of several levels, during which the heroes must get to the next vehicle to leave, populated by monsters of the city.
  • Individual levels are linked by small security zones, once in which players will need to destroy the infected ones there to advance to the next stage. Inside these security zones, you can find first aid kits and ammunition that will come in handy in the next stage.
  • Some of the levels contain the so-called “Panic Jobs”, the activation of which leads to an influx of a huge number of monsters.
  • Artificial intelligence is displayed in a separate character, which behind the scenes regulates the difficulty of passing the game depending on the development of the character, increasing or decreasing the number of infected, regulating the amount of ammunition and first aid kits.
  • Visualization: The graphics in the toy turned out really good. This is the merit of Game Designers Valve and the achievements of the Engine Source. Due to this, the locations in the game turned out to be diverse, the atmosphere is oppressive, tense, and this is facilitated by dynamic lighting. In addition, the toy has very few “light” places, and players will often have to use flashlights and other lighting devices.
  • Atmosphere: All the passage is sustained in the spirit that “mercy and salvation to wait for nowhere.” The only goal for our foursome is to get to a safe place, and as soon as possible to be in New Orleans, a place where there are still more living people than the dead.
  • Action events: The game often includes a “skirmish” mode, where players are attacked by crowds of zombies in super-fast mode.
  • Gameplay: The gameplay has a single game, co-op and multiplayer. But the most interesting thing in-game modes, where you can team up with real gamers. And the reason that artificial intelligence rarely ever thinks about what to do. We think that the essence of the co-op and multiplayer is already clear to you.
  • Kinds of zombies: The Walking Dead in this game are a heterogeneous mass. There are like ordinary monsters that don’t differ in some, or increased damage, like mini-bosses. For example, the Witch is an unkillable creature that violently rushes at his abuser. Or a smoker spitting poison and hallucinating characters.

L4D1 In-Game Balance

This is, shall we say, a generally accepted imbalance that everyone has been putting up with for ten years. By introducing two completely different sides of the game in Left 4 Dead, survivors and infected zombies, Valve risked breaking firewood. However, the Versus mode, which is the second half of Left 4 Dead, refutes these doubts.

The classic deathmatch is furnished in this way: four survivors, as in the campaign, try to get to the shelter, and four infected people try to prevent them in every way. To do this, they are randomly assigned the roles of four bosses (out of five possible).

For the fifth, it’s the Witch which you can not play with, not because of its exceptional strength, but rather because most of the time she is at rest, attacking only if she is disturbed.

Zombies advantages

But what tactical space opens with the remaining four! Most bosses are powerless in open combat but have at least three common advantages over humans. First, the players for the zombies have the right to choose the place of their own appearance, if only not in full view of the enemy.

Secondly, the players for zombies can move on inaccessible people roofs with the help of special routes. Finally and thirdly, those infected are always aware of the location and health status of people. Thus, the whole game for zombies consists of competent ambushes and clearly organized attacks.

For example, this option is possible: passing through a narrow alley, the survivors stumble upon the Fat Man (Boomer), who immediately vomits on two of the most unlucky. Fat, of course, he will kill, but the job is already done, giving a signal to attack simple zombies, which immediately flood the alley.

Here is the time to join the game for other bosses, who are all the while waiting for their release. Hunter is enough to choose a victim whose silhouette is illuminated by at least a yellow contour (meaning her health is low), wait for a convenient moment and jump, which is best from some wall or roof.

The cover for it, in turn, can work Smoker (Smoker), able to attack from long distances. Do not shy away and cooperation with the Witch. Despite the fact that she can not play, she is not a rare guest in Versus and competently occupied position near her promises good support. At the end of the round, the sides change.

How to start a multiplayer game?

Technically, the Left 4 Dead multiplayer is designed to be obscenely simple and convenient. At the touch of a button, search for the so-called “lobby” in which you choose the side. After that, the creator of the party starts an automatic search of the server (selected according to our connection speed, make sure to select a near location).

Graphics in Left 4 Dead 1

Here we had a place to lament the graphics and the old Source engine, Left 4 Dead looks as amazing as it is played. This is especially true of working with light. The rating “Strictly from 18” from all sane censorship commissions Left 4 Dead received for beautiful eyes.

As well as for all other body parts, slurge flying around us throughout the game. In terms of testosterone pleasure with this game can be compared only one project which is the Gears of War and its chainsaw.

Sounds in the game

But there’s still a sound. Along with the lighting, one of the strongest sides of the Left 4 Dead. The sound in the game is strongly connected with the gameplay, thanks to it decisions are made and tactics are built.

Each boss is usually heard from a distance, and can be heard in different ways: The fat man squirms and continuously revels, the Smoker coughs tuberculosis, the Hunter just screams like a cut and the witch’s grave cry provokes goosebumps all over the body.

In addition to the musical accompaniment (very similar to Stanley Kubrick’s “Space Odyssey 2001”), you are relentlessly haunted by not the most pleasant sounds made by zombies.

L4D Zombie classes

The main points when playing for zombies are such. The key to success is ambushes. The essence of the ambush is to combine the specials given to each boss.

Unlike the survivors, the game for zombies requires more patience. Obviously, to attack an unoccupied group of survivors with the hands of only Tank, the rest should wait until people will be attacked by a crowd of zombies or, better yet, the Witch. Caution is a trait that is not only necessary for people. Do not forget that all the zombies are perfectly audible for a few tens of meters.


The smoker is similar to Barnacle of Half-Life. Thanks to a thing that is quite difficult to call a language, he attracts a survivor, thus thinning his health reserve. Because the damage is small, it is better for the Smoker to work in conjunction with the Hunter or the Tank.


The second boss, who is a lightweight champion. The hunter is very fast and agile, but in attack is quite vulnerable. He throws from the position of sitting and jumps for quite a long distance. Jumping is best for sure,  but as the Smoker, the health of this boss is small, one blunder is fraught with instant violence.

Boomer (Fat)

The most vulnerable of the bosses. The fat is useful because it can attract a rather impressive number of infected survivors. Exactly how many, depends on how many survivors he will be able to touch his reception Barf (literally, “bleve”). The cornerstone of the team of zombies which is better to start all attacks on survivors.


The only boss who can kill all the survivors at once. With good speed and strong impact, the tank can also lift and throw rocks. Two basic conditions, you need to constantly attack the survivors. Otherwise, the right to play this boss will be transferred to another player, as well as avoid open spaces where you can focus fire.


Left 4 Dead 1 is worth to download for sure and one of the best horror game worth to try. For that, we try to make it even easier for you by providing with fast download speed directly from Google Drive storage servers.

That will ensure the best ease and performance during the whole process. Our L4D version of the game is secured, safe to download, install and play. We can guarantee the safety which will be ensured by Google Drive scanning process!