GameGrand Theft Auto 2 (II)
Genre(s)Action, 2D
DeveloperRockStar North
PublisherRockStar Games
Release DateSeptember 30, 1999

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Download the old classic game, one of the first games in the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA 2 is available to download within 300 Mb compressed file allowing you extract the package and start playing immediately! You can download the game via Google Drive cloud storage, allowing you to get the best possible speed wherever you live!

Game requirements


  • Operating system: Windows 98.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium I or equivalent AMD.
  • RAM: 128 MB.
  • Video Graphic card: DirectX compatible.
  • Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX.
  • Free space on the hard drive: 700 MB.


  • Operating system: Windows XP or above.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV / AMD Athlon XP (or better).
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • Video Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce with 1 GB of video memory or better, compatible with DirectX.
  • Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX.
  • Free space on the hard drive: 2 GB.

About the game

Grand Theft Auto 2 (GTA 2) is the second game in a series of action-adventure projects, which has now become a full-fledged franchise. Here you will find a new story, new adventures, a sea of action and freedom…

The game takes place in a fictional version of alternative New York, at least, this city became a prototype. Well, the Map of the game once again tells the story of another story, telling about a man who has become on a criminal path. In his role, you have to immerse yourself in a series of adventures, become a criminal, create chaos, participate in shootouts and do much, much more.

But naturally, the game as a whole visually changed a lot, at least as much as possible, given the technology of the time when the game was developed. Plus, freedom remained, allowing the player to simply have fun and create chaos, avoiding the implementation of story missions. And there are much more opportunities. Now here you will find not only the traditional opportunity to repaint the car, for example but also much more, including even changing the time of day.

GTA 2 Gameplay

The main character is a criminal who has to go through several important missions that the city offers him. The city has three zones, each of which differs in its own features and tasks that the player has to perform.

The first area is a variety of casinos, institutes, universities and hotels, while the second area is a place crowded with unusual objects to explore. These include a power plant and a research centre, as well as a trailer park and prison. It should be noted that the park is made in the style of the King of Rock and Roll.

The third region is an area with a meat processing plant, a port and the Temple of Krishna. GTA 2, which is available on our website, will open the player with opportunities to explore a large American city, as a prototype of which, the developers are listed New York.

The main character Claude Speed not only performs certain missions but also has the opportunity to earn or vice versa, spoil his own reputation. In each area, the player will meet with at least one gang. Making friends with one of them, he has a threat to make enemies in the face of another gang, or use the introduction to unite. Missions are carried out by receiving tasks on the phone in the territories of these same gangs.

There are three types of phones: tasks of a simple degree of complexity come to the green phone, tasks of medium level of complexity, on yellow, and the most difficult to do, on red. GTA 2, download through a fast server which can be on this site a fascinating game, the main goal of which is to get money, allowing you to go to the next level. The higher the level of difficulty of the job, the greater the amount of money a player can earn. Note that the degree of complexity of operations directly depends on the authority of the hero and his relationship with the local gang.

Grand Theft Auto 2 Features

Even if this game is a little bit old today, it’s still some action game that worth playing in many terms. And of course, it will be one of the games that will keep in mind and have fun while playing, allowing you to have a funny experience playing alone or even with a friend. Here are some features that you will mostly like about this game!

  • Stunning graphics and reliable visualization of what is happening.
  • An extensive map of the area and a wide range of movements.
  • Wide outlook and convenient review on behalf of the character.
  • The ability to customize a character to suit its external characteristics.
  • Great functionality and plenty of opportunities for the player to prove themselves.
  • Each area of the city has its own active gangs, each of which gives the player 7 tasks. In the final of each level of the player is waiting for the attack behind him by the gang of the area in which he is located. The main goal of the hero is to dodge the gangsta hunting him.
  • In order for a player to reach a new level, it is necessary to reach a certain amount of money ($1 million in the first district, $3 million in the second and 5 million dollars in the third).
  • If in the first version of the character pursued only cops, in this part of the game, the hero will dodge federal agents, soldiers and assault armed squad.
  • A variety of local passers-by in the way from street robbers to strippers.
  • The possibility of using different types of weapons (shotgun, flamethrower and others).
  • Interesting places to explore in the city.
  • The option of fist street fight.