1. T

    Not recognized as admin and xp reset

    Hi HiDeath, i am not recognized as admin and all my stats are reset too on wc3ft. altough i have 0 xp for every race. can you check this please? ps: i send you although a PM ;). best regards The One
  2. The!Jok3r

    Help Zombie Server Skins are not installed

    Please add vip, nemesis & survivor skins in zombie serber because skins are not installed here are some cool skins for server Survivor Survivor 2 Survivor 3 Nemesis Nemesis Knife VIP Human VIP Zombie knife VIP Zombie
  3. The!Jok3r

    Admin abusing

    i am here to report of a admin. his nick is vhoxe12 this is admin was slapping me without any reason here is demo link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/7pyxoys5imuoz1z/gs2us_dust2_only.dem/file
  4. BrookLyN


    please HiDeath extend my vip just for 1 month