1. HiDeath

    Giveaways are back! Join Discord and Participate to win!

    After some break, we are back to giving away free privileges in the Counter-Strike 1.6 servers! Have some decent chance to win 1 Month VIP in the first giveaway hosted right now! :love::love: Prize: 1 Month VIP in all CS 1.6 Servers Duration: 3 Days How to Participate: Join our Discord server...
  2. HiDeath

    Counter-Strike 1.6: 1 Month VIP giveaway in Discord!

    Sup everyone, It has been a while now since the last giveaway Since now on, we will have much more giveaways (weekly maybe) and even challenges to award the most active players!!! So, today's giveaway with the prize of 1 Month VIP in all Counter-Strike 1.6 servers ???????? ???? All of you...