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Counter Strike 1.6 Privileges:


Dust2 Only server

What u get when u are VIP?

  • Maximum HP = 150 HP
  • You get Free grenades each round. (HE,2FB,SG)
  • Free Armor+Helmet
  • You Get 500$ per kill and 800$ per HeadShot
  • You Get 10HP per kill and 20HP per HeadShot
  • See bullet damage at the real-time:
  • Only VIP can buy Snipers. (Like AWP)
  • Write /vips u will see List of VIP's online.
  • You can use Admin Chat (say @ "message")
  • you get a reserved Slot in all servers
  • From 3rd round you can see the current menu:

Zombie Plague SUPER

What u get when u are VIP?

  • Triple Jumps ( 3 jumps on the air )
  • Free Armor ( + 100 armor each round )
  • Free Bazooka each round
  • +2 ammo packs on kill
  • +2 ammo packs on infect
  • +300 HP on Kill ( for zombies )
  • No fall damage ( you can jump from high places without losing Health )
  • 150% ammo packs on damage
  • 150% Damage dealt
  • VIP status is shown on the scoreboard
  • Your name will be listed when someone say /vips
  • Slot reservation ( when the server is full, there's a slot reserved for you )
  • VIPs custom Skins :

  • VIPs extra items menu :

Nick registration
Ammo Packs

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