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    Shutting down the community - It has been such a great Journey

    thanks for the servers, we appreciate it. In my opinion keeping 1-2 servers would have a better effect on the daily activity, but it is your decision and we accept it. good luck everyone ;)
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    Help yKcyc Ban appeal again

    i don't know what to say again let @magicturtle answer here this time or the owner
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    Solved yKcyc Ban appeal

    After watching this demo i can't see something ilegal on your gameplay, you are clear. I don't know why @magicturtle thinks that you are cheating. You have to wait for the staff to check it, i m just trying to help you because that happened to me some time ago :)
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    Solved yKcyc Ban appeal

    @yKcyc i created this thread here for you since u posted it wrong
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    Solved yKcyc Ban appeal

    Username: yKcyc (cheats off) Ban details: unban yKcyc (cheats off) Demo link: More details: Hi there, For some reason I was banned by MagicTurtle. Funny thing is that even after re-watching the demo I genuinely could not find anything that...
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    Bann Appeal

    @yKcyc you have to create one new post , i ll do it for you
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    report sphnx (admin) #2

    Hello everyone, As i was playing on de_dust2 server i saw sphnx flaming me. Furthermore , after killing him multiple times he kicked me without a reason. On these pictures he is flaming me After this shot he kicked me!! All these happened in less than 15 minutes! demo link...
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    de_dust2 IP

    since many players are asking me for it, The ip of de_dust2 is :
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    Solved report sphnx (admin)

    @vhoxe 1. i m not flaming anyone i m just playing my game and enjoying it 2. Sometimes i am live streaming my games on twitch so making annoying sounds have bad effects on my viewers and to my channel 3. You don't really know what "Camp" means. If you watch the whole demo that i sent upside...
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    Solved report sphnx (admin)

    hi there , i would like to report sphnx for spamming "admin sounds" Move Move Move etc. It's really annoying and can cause problem to my ears (using headphones). I really didn't want to report him but he is doing it every time when he is dead and im alive on a round. you can see in the demo...
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    Help report 9pasha admin

    Luckily i have the demo of my morning gaming (about 2 hrs length) , this "strange icident" should be in this demo i think, if u wish u can watch it @[email protected]
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    Help report 9pasha admin

    I watched the demo at 82:00 there was no "strange incident" , i could hear ur steps in the middle so i shooted the wall. what was so strange to you?
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    Help report 9pasha admin

    hi there , i would like to inform you that i m not admin but vip Furthermore , when i finish my game i ll watch it as well :)
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    Report Genadji2021

    Yea you are right he is using aimbot, i watched the demo as well. From the first seconds it's 100% obvious
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    perma bans

    Admins have Authority to ban players with proofs for specific time. If we ban whoever flames perma , i will report 90% of the staff of the server lol
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    perma bans

    Hello , i have seen admins making bans for ever (perma) and i would like to discuss about it. I think if staff bans whoever flames forver, server will be always empty. As a member, my opinion is to ban someone with scales , for example first time ban 1hour , second 5 hours , etc. I will appear...
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    Some Servers will be down for while

    This ip is the IP of the de_inferno map
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    Bann Appeal

    @Ph0b1a with what nickname do u play? if u are not cheating i would recommend you to send the replay that is automatically saved on your cs folder (i did the same some days ago) hope i helped you good luck
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    "Rebirth" in the same round

    Hi there , i would like to suggest when someone reconnects the game to be dead. Sometimes i see players playing 2 times in one round. For me , it is not fair and destroys the game, especially when the teams are balanced. What do you think? ADD: This problem with the rebirth appears on...
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    report mudit (ADMIN)

    everything that is not legal or respectable will be reported yes