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    Help report 9pasha admin

    Hello Moderators, and Admins, I would like to report a strange incident that had just happened to me on the Inferno map some minutes ago. I noticed that one of us admin, his name is 9pasha, shot me in strange circumstances. The issue starts at 82:00 on video, you can see that he shot me, but...
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    Help un4given adin is cheater

    Hello! I played on inferno,and relaised that one of your admin uses aim and wh. PLease check the file and ban him. Thx!
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    New cheater - Abo Adam

    Check this player: Abo Adam original player On Inferno server. He uses everything he can, wh, aim, bot etc. Please ban him forever. Link Let me know your view.
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    Hello I think I found a cheater, its name: ;p He uses aim.
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    I found 2 cheaters. Name: ; p, he using aim name:=*=VATO_LOCO=*= , if he has no enough kills he using wh.