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  1. Cookin'

    Report InnoMine

    Player named InnoMine using aimbot on the Inferno server. Please check out this demo: Cheers
  2. Cookin'

    Report Genadji2021

    I saw this player named Genadji2021 cheating on server WAR3FT CSDM Using some sort of aim hack. The crosshair can be seen automatically aiming for the head of enemies as he kills them. Please check out this demo: Cheers
  3. Cookin'

    Help Applied for Admin privileges - Problem joining servers

    Hi, I purchased admin privileges yesterday and now today I'm unable to connect to any of the servers. When I try to connect to the server I get disconnected with a message saying Reason: Kicked: You have no entry to the server In the console it reads: [Commands] "hud_centerid 0": Blocked *...