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  1. HiDeath

    Giveaways are back! Join Discord and Participate to win!

    After some break, we are back to giving away free privileges in the Counter-Strike 1.6 servers! Have some decent chance to win 1 Month VIP in the first giveaway hosted right now! :love::love: Prize: 1 Month VIP in all CS 1.6 Servers Duration: 3 Days How to Participate: Join our Discord server...
  2. HiDeath

    Counter-Strike 1.6: 1 Month VIP Giveaway ????????

    Sup everyone, I hope everything is going well with you and the quarantine ???? :love: Time for a new giveaway and some cool prizes to win!! ???????????? Prize: 1 Month VIP in all our Counter-Strike 1.6 servers Duration: 3 Days How to participate: Join discord and react in the #giveaways...
  3. HiDeath

    Counter-Strike 1.6: 1 Month VIP giveaway in Discord!

    Sup everyone, It has been a while now since the last giveaway Since now on, we will have much more giveaways (weekly maybe) and even challenges to award the most active players!!! So, today's giveaway with the prize of 1 Month VIP in all Counter-Strike 1.6 servers ???????? ???? All of you...
  4. HiDeath

    Classic Maps Only Public: New Counter-Strike 1.6 server coming out!

    A New server is out! Classic Maps (de_dust, de_train, css_chace, de_mirage..) maps only for the lovers of the classic CS 1.6 gameplay :love::love: New upcoming servers soon!!! Server IP: or What will be coming next? New servers will be coming out soon...
  5. HiDeath

    VIP privileges (1 Month) [3 users] results!

    Congratulations to the winners!!! ???? ???? ???? ! DarK-, ABDUL SAMAD won our first giveaway ???? ???? please pm me as soon as possible to claim your prizes! Best of luck to all of the other users in the future, we're going to start more future giveaways soon! stay tuned :D :D
  6. HiDeath

    Free VIP Giveaway!! (1 Month) [3 users]

    This is our first giveaway online, as the servers are getting more active, I decided to make a little prize for all of our players! ???????? This giveaway gonna have the prize of 1 Month VIP privileges for 3 random users registered with us in forums. :D :D Just register using your email or any...
  7. HiDeath

    Guide Basic amxmodx commands for CS 1.6/HLDM players/admins

    AMX Mod X Commands AMXMODX is the main core plugin of our cs 1.6 servers. And as being an Admin/Player, it is recommended that you know at least the basic commands! In this guide, I will show you all the basic commands that you can use in all of our servers (or any other server using amxmodx)...
  8. HiDeath

    Guide How to report Player/ADMIN?

    Follow this guide if you want to report a Player / Admin : Make sure that the reported Player / ADMIN is really abusing rules / privileges . read Rules first Explain your report reason, details, etc ... Upload a prove for your claiming: Demo, Screenshot, ... Be Patient, we will review...
  9. HiDeath

    Guide How to make a ban appeal?

    Follow this guide to make a proper ban appeal : Copy your ban details from the console and paste it here, example : ||| You are banned ||| Nick: Player ||| IP: ||| SteamID: STEAM_0:1:123456789 ||| By admin: Admin ||| Reason: test ||| Ban created: 29.05.2019 - 15:21:11 ||| For length...