About the game

Assault Shell (v2.0) is an action-packed shooter that puts you in control of the powerful madness fighter known as Assault Shell. Your mission is to pilot this advanced machine and eliminate the enemy forces that stand in your way. With four different Assault Shell variations to choose from, including the powerful ALPHA, the high-ranking BETA, the stone wall GAMMA, and the melee master DELTA, you have the flexibility to adapt your playstyle to the situation at hand.

To succeed in Assault Shell, you must effectively manage your hypermeter. By charging it up, you can unleash a powerful hyper mode that enhances your abilities and increases your chances of victory. But there is an even greater power at your disposal: the madness system known as BLANK STAND. By charging your hypermeter once again, you can activate BLANK STAND, which not only makes you stronger but also damages the sanity of your enemies, making them harder to defeat. It's a risk versus reward system that requires careful strategy to get a high score and destroy efficiently.

The game is set in a world where the military faction known as Amber Black has gained significant influence in the southern hemisphere. They have been taking over other factions and private military companies, threatening the balance of power. However, his rival faction, JOKER, is determined to put an end to his ambitions. After a breach in Amber Black's jumpgate defensive system caused by Operation Enemy Black, JOKER takes the opportunity to launch a mission to take down Amber Black once and for all.

As JOKER Unit #233487, you will take to the skies and take on Amber Black's forces in five challenging stages. Each stage is filled with epic bosses that will test your skills and determination. Can you survive the mission and destroy Amber Black's ambition?

System Requirements

  • Storage: 366 MB available space


Game Story

In a world dominated by the Amber Black military faction, its influence has spread throughout the southern hemisphere, threatening the freedom of other private military companies and factions. However, JOKER, a rival faction, is determined to end Amber Black's reign.

Amber Black's jump gate defensive system was compromised during Operation Enemy Black, creating an opportunity for JOKER to counterattack. As JOKER Unit #233487, you are tasked with piloting the Assault Shell and leading the mission to take down Amber Black once and for all.

Your journey will take you through five challenging stages, each filled with powerful enemies and epic bosses. It is a battle for survival and the fate of the southern hemisphere is at stake. Can you overcome the odds and emerge victorious?

Frequent questions

Q: How many variations of the Assault Shell are there in the game?

A: There are four Assault Shell variations to choose from: ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, and DELTA. Each variation offers unique abilities and playstyles.

Q: How do I load my hypermeter into Assault Shell?

A: You can charge your hypermeter by defeating enemies and collecting power-ups. Once your hyper meter is full, you can unleash a powerful hyper mode to enhance your abilities.

Q: What is BLANK STAND and how do I activate it?

A: BLANK STAND is Assault Shell's madness system that not only makes you stronger but also damages the sanity of your enemies. To activate BLANK STAND, you must charge your hypermeter once again after using hyper mode.

Q: What is the objective of the game?

A: The objective of Assault Shell is to pilot the Assault Shell and eliminate the enemy forces controlled by Amber Black. Your mission is to destroy her ambition and restore balance to the southern hemisphere.

Q: How many stages are there in the game?

A: Assault Shell features five challenging stages, each with their own unique enemies and epic bosses. Your skills will be tested as you progress through the game.

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