Terms & Rules

Get to know more about our rules, keeping the servers organised is our duty!

General rules (Applied to all Servers)

  • Do not play with any unfair means (hacks, cheats or scripts).
  • Do not swear, insult or disrespect other players.
  • Any type of racism is strongly not allowed.
  • Do not spam chat or shout in mic and do not abuse in it.
  • Any kind of Swearing, Insulting is prohibited in names.
  • Do not advertise other servers or projects.
  • Religious or politics talks are prohibited (unless all users are cool with it).
  • Do not mention family members or joke on them.

Zombie Plague Server Rules

  • Bazooka bugs are prohibited.
  • Bugging map in any kind of ways is not allowed. That includes:
    • Using Lasermines or Double Jumps (for VIPs) to reach places where zombies can't reach you even while using Knife Blank.
    • Using Double Jump to get into places where humans can't shoot you (For VIPs).
    • Blocking moving objects (with or without LMs) in order to block the way between you and the other team.
  • Reconnecting to avoid death is forbidden.

ADMIN rules

  • Be 100% sure before using privieleges against any player. Make sure to spectate as long as it's needed, do not take any actions if you are not sure.
  • Do not bully players over your privileges.
  • Banning other VIPs or ADMINs is strongly not allowed. If he turned out to be clean, you will be badly punished!
  • Do not spam admin chat or use it for common talks, use it only when needed and do not abuse in it.
  • Do not make lame votes.
  • Do not change the map before 15 minutes passes, do not change it at request of any player and do not change the map where the server has 1 playable map only.
  • Do not change the map in a straight way (Single choice), should always select more than 2 maps for that.
  • Do not share your account's passwords with anyone.
  • Banning other privileged player/VIP/ADMIN before asking moderators or higher admins is strongly prohibited.
  • Do not imlement your personal problems in servers and ban without any strong reason.

Actions required and limitations

General Actions

  • Major cheats will lead to a permanent ban without any warning. That includes Aiming, Wallhacking, Fast-speed hacks and scripts.
  • Minor Cheating will lead to 1 week ban without any warning. That includes any type of custom models (only with bigger hitboxes), no-recoil and no-spread scripts.
  • Insulting, Swearing, Spamming chat and Racism will lead to user muting (gag), ban when it's required. Start with 5 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour, 3 hours gags then ban up to 6 hours max.
  • Advertising will lead to the user mute. Start with 1 hour, 3 hours muting then Ban up to 1 day.
  • If a player name contains any type of Insulting word, change the user name with amx_nick command (cs 1.6). If the user keeps changing his name, muting will block him from changing (amx_gag), no slaps,slays,kicks or bans required.
  • Insulting family memebers will lead to a harder decisions. Start with the normal Insulting mutings, up to 3 days ban max.

Zombie Plague server actions

  • Bugging bazooka will be treated as a break for rules only if the player doing it on purpose. Make sure that it wasn't an accident (it can happen sometimes), warn, ban for 30 mins, 1 hour, 3 hours, 12 hours max.
  • Bugging map: Start with a warn, slap for several time, slay if it's required, ban for 30 mins, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours max.
  • Reconnecting to avoid death will lead to direct ban only if it's obvious. Make sure that the player is doing it for purpose, start with slaying in the next round, 30 mins ban, 1 hour ban,2 hours ban max.