Weather & Radar USA APK Download

Surname Weather & Radar USA
package de.wetteronline.wetterapppro
publisher WetterOnline GmbH
size 16M
Requires Android
MOD functions no

If you work in the outdoors or in highly weather dependent jobs like farming, you need a detailed and accurate weather forecasting application like Weather & Radar USA APK.

Introduction to Weather & Radar USA

Weather & Radar USA is considered to be a very accurate application in the current weather forecasting applications on Android. Let’s see what it can do for us.

Weather & Radar USA is a clear, concise, and detailed weather forecast app

Whether in any season of the year, in hot summer or snowy winter, just open Weather & Radar USA and you will immediately have the most detailed weather forecast for the day available: when the sunrise or the moon rises, what time of day rain is likely, how strong the thunder is how hot it is, the danger of storms, how the storms move. This weather app shows all current and future weather conditions, no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

In Weather & Radar USA’s weather forecast panel, there is also special information that is rarely found in other weather forecast applications, such as temperature, wind direction, humidity, air pressure, UV index, warning of times with large temperature fluctuations during the day. And most importantly, you can view the weather forecast up to 14 days in the future. It’s so handy for important jobs that are heavily dependent on weather conditions.

Weather & Radar USA also offers incredibly detailed weather maps

Using this app, you can see your residential area and surrounding places. The map shows all the information about clouds, rain, high definition coverage, storm movements, etc. Unusual weather phenomena are marked with colors and notes on this map so that users can easily follow the direction and variation through their areas. This is an extremely useful feature if you want to keep a close eye on the progress of Tropical Storms, Storms, and Tropical Depression.

Severe weather and disaster warning function

Weather & Radar USA has built-in modern weather tracking technology. It can predict the coming natural disasters, storms. Important weather warnings will be issued from there that will severely affect the safety, daily life and economy of any region.

Especially in marine and coastal areas, the weather and disaster forecasting function of Weather & Radar USA is extremely important and effective. You can rely on Weather & Radar USA’s forecasts to prepare your plan.

Update the weather news concisely and continuously, hour by hour

You can use the app to find out about the weather, climate and the environment every hour. At the same time, you can also get expert analyzes of natural disasters or articles on pollution, climate change, the greenhouse effect …

Automatically updates every 90 minutes

With Weather & Radar USA you can use the new weather update mode every 90 minutes. Simply tick the place, the area in which you want to find out the weather and select this function, the app will automatically inform you of minor and major changes in the weather indicators. This tight update is very useful for business travel or urgent jobs.

Some great features

In short, this app has a number of impressive features and guarantees you the most detailed and accurate time information such as:

  • General weather forecast by day, by time, by region.
  • Create a weather map that clearly shows wind direction, temperature and unusual weather phenomena.
  • Warn of severe weather events and keep up to date with new weather information.
  • Notification of temperature by area, heat index and UV index.
  • Accurate weather forecasts for beach areas and marine weather.
  • Provide weather, climate and environmental news.
  • The interface of the homepage can be adapted to the preferences of the user.
  • There are no advertisements that interfere with the use of the app.

Download Weather & Radar USA APK for Android

This is a great weather forecast app. Now you can know the weather situation through this extremely convenient, accurate and detailed application. If you want to monitor the weather and see weather situations anywhere, download Weather & Radar USA to your phone right away.