The Guardian MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Surname The guard
editor Guardian News and Media
size 15M
Required Android 5.0
MOD functions Premium unlocked

Reading the news every day has become a basic need for everyone in the modern world. There are hundreds of news sites from all over the world. But in order to choose an application with reliable, up-to-date information and … also to practice writing English, then nothing can get past The Guardian MOD APK.

Introduction to The Guardian

Bring all the news to the world!

First I want to talk about the credibility and popularity of the name The Guardian. If you read the news around the world you must realize that the name The Guardian is well known.

What is the guardian?

The Guardian is the mobile application of the British news website of the same name, owned by Guardian News & Media Ltd. is located. Before we dive into the app details, let’s talk a little about the website itself. The Guardian website contains practically all of the content of the two popular UK newspapers, The Guardian and The Observer, plus some exclusive daily quick updates only available on the website. With over 17 million readers per month, it is the second largest online newspaper in the UK.

The Guardian has a wide range of topics. But best known are sports, business, environmental, technology, art, media, and lifestyle news. The Guardian is known for being the first UK online newspaper to adopt a “no comment” policy. Interaction and feedback are therefore very much valued in today’s e-newspaper products.

The web is so famous and popular. But there is still some inconvenience from going online on your smartphone a lot. So the company decided to develop an app specifically for Android fans, also called The Guardian. Now, you no longer have to go online to see the news, which takes a lot of your time. All you have to do is download and launch this application on your device. The world is closer to you now.

What will you get from The Guardian?

They have all of the content on The Guardian website. But of course, when you use the app, everything on the phone becomes neater, organized, friendlier, and more beautiful, as it’s specially designed with a number of tweaks.

Now what information is displayed when you download this application?

You will read the best news of the day, breaking news, hot trends, analytical article, commentary on a social topic, art, technology or sport including:

  • Great award winning items in all fields held in each country
  • Millions of sports comments and analyzes from around the world
  • Latest news, updated daily about all sports everywhere
  • Interesting intellectual games like crosswords, puzzles …

You have all the news in the world, especially the UK and Europe news.

There are 4 reasons why you need to download The Guardian on your smartphone

First, to practice journalistic style and write exemplary standard English essays. Read English articles with such a professional and complete style, your English translation and composition skills will be much better.

The Guardian’s strength lies in its lengthy expert commentary on subjects from all over the world. So, through these articles, you can get more hidden corners or a different perspective on a problem that most other newspapers don’t, or don’t enough, do.

The Guardian is also famous for its sports news section with many sports popular in Europe and America such as basketball, boxing, golf, tennis, soccer, racing … and The Guardian’s sports news is known for being constantly updated, super fast and most complete.

In addition, with the premium use of this newspaper app, you can enjoy a variety of entertainment, relaxation and reading activities such as modern fables, recipes and travel tips completely free of advertising. As a result, the practical vocabulary that is often used in life (not a purely journalistic language) has accumulated considerably.

MOD APK version of The Guardian

MOD function

Premium unlocked

Download The Guardian MOD APK for Android

The user interface is delicate, friendly and very luxurious. The news is reliable, constantly updated, and The Guardian is a very useful tool for writing English too. Are these reasons enough for you to download The Guardian on your phone?