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Surname Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
size 84M
Required Android 4.4
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Those who have never known the blockbuster Star Wars probably don’t belong on this planet, just kidding! Star Wars is considered a legendary film and has of course become an inspiration for many arts and companies. Ever played a Star Wars-themed game? I just played Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes APK and couldn’t stop myself.

Introduction to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Transform yourself into galactic warriors in the Star Wars universe!

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a high quality 3D science fiction game based entirely on the setting and story of the blockbuster Star Wars. So far, this is considered to be the best Star Wars game ever.

Lots of things in one game

To be honest, I think Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is like a soft biscuit, with a filling on the inside and black sesame seeds, almonds on the outside. Although the focus is on turn-based tactical RPG, there is a bit of gacha in having to constantly collect as many heroes as possible to dominate the game.

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Let me talk about gacha. In particular, you’ll have to collect shards for many famous Star Wars characters. After every fight we get a lot of loot and broken pieces. When you have collected enough shards and put them together into a character, you can use that character in your battles. You also use shards and loot to level up your army and unlock the next few characters. Some characters can be unlocked with cards, others only in multiplayer mode and others have to be bought with shards. In addition to the responsibility of collecting talented characters, you will also collect many other shards to raise your level in the leaderboard and increase that character’s combat statistics and attack power.

One point that I think needs to be carefully mentioned is that while the number of characters with many powerful abilities is high, in this game you cannot control the characters however you want. The order of these characters is determined randomly by the game. From this limitation, the level of difficulty has also increased by several levels. That is why many brothers call it a good but tough game.

Strong alliances element

In each fight you can control up to 5 different characters one after the other. Each character has a base ability (always usable) and a super ability (takes a fairly long cooldown). Additionally, some special characters have one more special ability besides the super ability, and some others have healing, taunting, and leading abilities.

So when you enter the fight, you need to choose a character as a commander who has the ability of a leader. Even if you don’t have a character with that particular talent, by assigning a role you can allow that person to lead your powerful army while the other members of the team receive passive rewards.

But we have to note that even though each character belongs to the same group, they also belong to at least one faction (including Jedi, Galactic Republic, Empire, Rebels …). In addition to rewards from you, these factions also offer various rewards for their juniors. This ramification and connection will bring many alliances, options, and strength to your army.

The most advanced vehicle in the galaxy

In addition to collecting talented characters with magical skills, you need combat vehicles that are the most modern of warships. You will gradually win big warships as you win the battles. The Millenium Falcon, the X-Wing, the Imperial TIE Fighter, and many other great warships that can be seen in the films are all here. Collecting and upgrading warships also brings you many unexpected great rewards.

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There’s a small note about the power correlation between characters and their warships: the stronger the character, the stronger the ship. Imagine you have a Phoenix 7 fleet and even own a ghost ship, who else could your opponent be?

Fierce fighting between the Jedi and the Dark Side

The universe in Star Wars revolves around the landslide wars of different factions. And if you love those intense battle scenes in the movie, you need to explore the game’s Territory Wars mode. Here you take part in the most intense conflict between the factions. They force you to plan short and long term strategies, raise an army and instruct troops to fight fiercely to take control of different territories.

Then go to Territory Battles where each faction has a lot of exciting combat campaigns that will last for a couple of hours of non-stop fighting when you go inside. Or you can choose Raids mode to ambush the veteran army that you especially want to fight with, Rancor or Sith Lord. Victory will come with extremely large rewards. If you don’t want to stress yourself too much, you can go to the Grand Arena, where you have the opportunity to test your strength in continuous mini-fights with different battle formations.

If you want to fight with other players, you can choose the PvP mode in the Squad Arena. Here you can test the strength of your team by competing against other players for great rewards.

The distinctive Star Wars characters

It can be said that everything in Star Wars has become iconic, from the Jedi sword to the immortal spirit of the galactic warriors. You will bring back all memories of this legendary film series. In Star Wars ™: Galaxy of Heroes there are over 150 famous characters to unlock, from the humble Stormtrooper soldiers to the mighty like Luke, Leia, Chewie, Vader and Emperor Palpatine …

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And yet there are also superior heroes that everyone would like to transform into, such as Grand Admiral Thrawn, Bossk, Ahsoka Tano, Bastila Shan, Ezra Bridger, Enfys Nest … What a real landing of characters! I believe you will both play and look forward to the battles ahead, and your heart will be extremely hot knowing you are going to meet your super idols for this long. To be honest, other mobile games cannot convey this feeling of waiting, of tension mixed with joy and happiness.

Download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes APK for Android

In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes you really become part of the Star Wars world, where the most prominent people in the galaxy go to the fiercest wars. Every character, every movement, every attack is very real, very rhythmic like in the original blockbuster Star Wars.

Are you ready to live many dreams of a young age in which you wanted to be a hero of the galaxy to fight all over the world?