Sausage Man APK Download

Surname Sausage man
package com.GlobalSoFunny.Wurst
publisher XD entertainment
size 63M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD functions no

Survival games don’t always have to be serious and shooting games have to take place in the dungeon or on the battlefield. Have you ever played a fun comedy style survival shooter? If not, try Sausage Man APK.

Introduction to Wurstmann

Sausage hero in Battle Royale, bombastic but entertaining!

Action game that you can play with relaxation anytime anywhere

When you enter the sausage man’s battlefield, you will encounter not only happy sausages, exciting, but also equally violent shootings. The hilarious form of the game has made this battle royale battle keep the tension up and still be very entertaining.

Wurstmann for Android 1440x810

The gameplay and manipulation are also easy. The competition is interesting and the colors are bright. Hence, you can play Sausage Man anytime and in any mood. There are missions, strategy, and loads of lightning-fast action, but it’s like a true stroll through colorful cartoon land. You are excited and nervous at the same time. This feeling is perfectly healthy for all moments of relaxation.

Adorable sausage hero

In the battle royale games you’ve ever played, things look profoundly serious when the 3D humanoid storms the battlefield. In contrast, in Sausage Man, all heroic characters are sausages of all colors and shapes. Later they could be upgraded with hair, armor, combat shoes to cool outfits that transform into attractive characters like Koi, Cyberpunk and Maid.

When you turn into a sausage hero, you have many options with first class weapons like Flare Gun, Respawn System, Barricade, Legend Card …

What’s new about Battle Royale in Sausage Man?

In addition to the solo mode, in which you fight with a group of other players for the only chance of survival, you can also play in the team mode: Team up with your friends and challenge other groups of players. The last surviving group wins.
When you fight in this colorful animated world, your soul will be healed. But don’t forget your mission to survive and fight because of the beautiful surroundings. Battle Royale in Sausage Man is just as strategic and requires as many skills as any other game of the same kind.

When you play Sausage Man you have to interact with the environment a lot in a very fun way, which creates a lot of funny situations. You don’t have to focus on killing (but still winning guys), scary beasts or dangerous enemies with evil hands. There are a lot of fun details embedded in the game.

Just like your sausage guy can sing loudly, jump on a rubber ball and play on it for a while, wear a lifebuoy to fight on the water, dance on the go … And even sad situations are handled very sweetly. For example, playing in a group, if treated well, will turn you into a cute little mini sausage that will cry and wait for the team to come to your aid.

Wurstmann on APKMODY 1440x810

You can also enjoy the colorful animated world in Sausage Man. Drive another UFO to take in the views from above, ride the Silly Dragon around, or take a break to open a car race with friends.

Joking is joking, playing is playing. The fight scenes in Sausage Man always follow the principles of tension as you stay on your toes. This game features a realistic trajectory, full explosion simulation, and lifelike physical interaction, especially when just like in real life the monster falls from the way it was hit and then slowly fell to the ground. It all made Sausage Man both serious and fun.

Freedom without restriction

The fighting in Sausage Man is also incredibly unique. Our sausage figure initially only had a few simple actions such as walking, jumping, and shooting. But a lot of surprising things are waiting for you later. You can destroy monsters to get items from them to keep in your inventory. You can also teleport from place to place to fight quickly, stun enemies, throw chains …

Wurstmann screenshot 1440x810

The good thing about Sausage Man is the perfect combination of perspective, different weapon combinations and freedom of movement. Because of this, you still have many advantages when you face a larger enemy. For example, fight with a big, black, strong but slow dinosaur. You can control your sausage hero to run behind the dinosaur to shoot him backwards and then run to the side and throw a chain to injure him from the side. This generous combination has created a special charm for this game.

Download Wurstmann APK cho Android

This survival shooter game with lots of comedy details ensures fun and a fast-paced atmosphere. The graphics are colorful and the fight is full of intense stimulation. Indeed, anyone who loves shooting fun is absent without playing this game.