Real Car Parking MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Surname Real car parking
package com.realcarparking.genetic
publisher Gen St.
execution 2.6.5 (Build 265)
size 90M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD functions unlimited money
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Note: This is an interesting driving game, especially for those who are new to driving or who often have difficulty driving cars. Real Car Parking MOD APK can help you understand all the necessary operations and apply them smoothly in real life.

Introduction to Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D

Fantastic driving and parking course

Real Car Parking shows you how to deal with cars in some common situations

Completely different from the games you have previously known, this game has no competition, no race against time, no delivery mission or chase, and is not just for enjoying the scenery. The purpose of this game is clear and concise: to show the user how to use cars in real situations.

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Speaking of which, I remembered my driving test. It’s been ten years and I still can’t graduate. My theoretical score was 100/100, but I kept failing during training. Let me tell you about a few “Lot Points”: I forgot to turn on the indicator, put the accelerator into gear at the overpass and brake too quickly at a red light. Go to the parking lot, touch both lines at the top and bottom of the car …

Is anyone facing the same situation? I almost gave up on my plan to get a driver’s license.

However, every now and then I still sob because I remember the old resentment of falling up and down three times. So when I found out that there was a game that taught these driving operations, I wanted to play it right away. Maybe if I mastered this game I could get a license … who knows?

Style of play

Classic racing and driving games always have great appeal, especially for those who love speed and are passionate about challenges. But not everyone loves these genres. There are always exceptions. Maybe there are some people who need a driving game that features simple things like how to control the car in difficult situations like in real life. If you are one of them you are in the right place. Real Car Parking helps you check the handling of cars on the road and do it correctly.

This game offers you a cool 3D graphics simulator. The car is nice and easy to use. It is important that there are different gameplay views from first-person to third-person views. By combining the left and right controls and function buttons on the car and switching cameras while playing, you can drive your car properly and handle all situations from simple to complex such as reversing, making sharp turns and parking the car in the tight space between the two cars.

Real Parking Lot MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

The gameplay is also quite simple: you learn to drive the car in certain situations (most of which are different types of parks); test your skills; Make money by doing well in given situations; buy a new car when you have enough money and you are in tougher situations. Just as.

There are 3 ways to control the car in Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D: Tilt the screen left and right or using the steering wheel simulator or the left and right simulator buttons in the lower corner of the screen.

Steer the vehicle left and right in one of three ways while actively changing the view to anticipate enough distances to avoid collisions. Simultaneously control the function buttons of the vehicle (in the lower right corner of the screen) to complete the challenges in the game. There are also countless situations that you can encounter at any time in life.

Follow the traffic rules and what you learned from the tutorial

An immutable rule when playing this game is this: you must absolutely obey the traffic rules on the road. It includes the established driving rules and the correct observance of all traffic signs. For example, switch on the signals when necessary, drive in the right lane, maintain the minimum and maximum speed, stop in the right place and on the right line, etc.

At the beginning, you will also learn to control the car in certain situations such as cornering, parking, etc. You will see and will be guided step by step according to instructions for basic parking procedures. For example, if you are parking in a gap between two cars, you need to first drive forward parallel to the front car, then back a little, turn the rear wheel and then slowly bring the car into the correct space, then keep turning the front wheel to get the position at more accurate Looking at the rearview mirror readjust (with different views) to make sure it doesn’t collide with the vehicles above and below. Once you have mastered these instructions, you are ready to jump into the game.

Of course, the given situations gradually become more complicated, but the basic parking rules and requirements for compliance with traffic rules remain unchanged.

Real simulation

Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D gives you parking sensors just like in real modern cars. The sound of every car movement is also extremely interesting, very similar to a real car: from the sound of the horn to the screeching of the wheels, accelerating and accelerating. It all sounds very good.

Screenshot of Real Car Parking 1440x810

Choosing the first-person view will also allow you to see the diverse, eye-catching interiors of each car. And you can get excited when you touch the controls on the car. It feels so good, especially for those of you who are learning to drive for the first time like me.

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