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You want to manipulate many things about PDF files, but haven’t found a satisfactory application yet. You want to find an app that is lightweight for your device, has an easy-to-understand interface, and works simply and smoothly. This allows you to edit, export and save your files quickly and easily. It’s time to try PDF Extra MOD APK.

Introduction to PDF Extra

A powerful application for reading, converting and editing PDF files

Edit PDF files for free on mobile and tablet

Most of the files used for the work are in .pdf format. Partly because they have good security and keep all the formats of the original files, so there are no font, layout or image errors. In addition, it is easy to save and share when needed. However, in order to read and edit these PDF files smoothly and fluently, we need a special support tool since most smartphones do not support this ability themselves. And choosing an application to handle such PDF files is also a difficult problem as there are quite a number of applications with their own pros and cons that one must try to know.

Today I want to introduce you to the application I use on my phone to manipulate PDF files to make them work, PDF Extra. So far I find it very good not to complain.

What is special about PDF Extra?

PDF Extra is a PDF reader and editor with many essential and deep features. Conveniently and easily, you can view, edit, share, compress, convert, print and manage PDF files on your phone.

In addition to these things, there are many other outstanding features like creating signatures, encrypting data to increase file security, quick sharing and backing up cloud data.

In the past I have tried some applications that are also supposed to read and edit PDF documents. But I found that there was something missing in these apps. What I need to do isn’t much, but it’s pretty simple and yet special. I really need advanced features like file format conversion or security that the apps couldn’t support back then. But PDF Extra has enough.

Powerful file conversion features

As I said, one of the reasons I stick with PDF Extra is this feature. The ability to convert files into PDF Extra has to be said to be very strong. It can convert any PDF file to Word, Excel, Epub and vice versa. Then you can freely edit and manipulate these files like on a computer. It also helps keep the quality of images, text, colors, and page layout available in the original PDF file.

If necessary, we can use PDF Extra to go even deeper into the existing PDF file structure, e.g. B. Reorder pages, merge PDF files. This is also a feature that many other applications don’t have.

Create PDF files from existing paper documents

With this app you can scan files and digitize paper documents into standard PDF files that can be viewed, transferred, shared and edited. Like a truly portable scanner. You can create a one-page PDF file or scan dozens of pages in one file using the in-app automatic batch feature. Not all PDF reader applications have this ability. If you frequently deal with papers, receipts and certifications, this function is extremely beneficial.

You can download the available PDF file into the application or scan paper into a PDF file. After that, you can view comments, write, take notes with drawing tools, and highlight text with the annotation tools available in the application. And you can do much more advanced editing, e.g. E.g. editing text, images, designs, signatures… All this operation is very convenient.

Direct connection to cloud accounts

If you don’t want to save files on your mobile phone, you can save files in your cloud account. Today, PDF Extra can be connected to all major cloud systems like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, etc. The application also gets a free 5GB memory for storing documents. 5GB is also quite a lot, so you can store a lot of documents on your phone. The data stored by the app can be read by multiple devices as PDF Extra has cross-device sync capabilities.

MOD APK version of PDF Extra

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It has modern colors, easy to understand and easy to use interface. It has many outstanding features, especially in file conversion, deep PDF file structure editing and high security. Such a super useful app for work!