Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Races, No Ads) Download

Surname Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes
package com.HomeNetGames.HexHeroes
publisher Home network games
execution 5.0 (build 500)
size 77M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD functions Unlimited money, unlocked races, no ads
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Many people think that Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes MOD APK is a strategy game version of Heroes 3. I think differently. While the gameplay and style of both are somewhat similar, the feel this game gives is completely different.

Introduction to Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes

The most attractive hexagon strategy game of all time


Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes is a turn-based strategy game that revolves around a war between humans, orcs, elves, goblins, dwarves, fairies and a hidden dark force. The fights that take place are always full of battle colors and even magic. Your mission, no matter what mode you play in, is to protect your country and, together with good alliances, to kill a dark conspiracy that involves the whole world.

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Classic hexagon strategy gameplay, but there’s something new

First, Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes makes you get very nostalgic. Although the classic gameplay with the battlefield map divided into many hexagons is too familiar to you who played through the first generation strategy games, you can find something else in this game. Now it has a new color with polished, sharp graphics, images and sounds that come from the latest technology on mobile devices.

You have to send your units into battle all the time. In single player mode, you are in command of a powerful army that fights against many Youkais to protect the country. The plot of this mode is as follows … An army of goblins is about to conquer the human kingdom. You are a commander in chief charged with investigating and destroying these pesky demons. But things get confused when you discover a conspiracy a thousand times bigger in this foggy battle. This is the conspiracy of a malicious person trying to take advantage of the racial conflict around the world to take control of them.

When you play in PvP mode, you join different factions to fight. Each side has their own strengths and abilities to attack and defend. The choice of faction depends on each person’s feelings because when you compare their strengths either side can win or lose, there isn’t too much of a difference.

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The game has excellent graphics and attractive tactics. The fights are continuous, dramatic and fierce. Either play individually or in a team, you also have the land to show your strategy. Well worth playing. If you don’t like the tactics genre that much, you should try it anyway.

Anyone who has played through these hexagonal strategy games can know. Thanks to the multifaceted design of the military units, you can do a lot. You can pull troops into battle from behind, surround the enemy, attack the enemy commander with full force, find a way to retreat and defend yourself … From there it offers many different scenarios for the same battle. And thanks to the modern graphics, every rhythm, every progress and every event in the game is qualitatively improved, realistic and strangely attractive. The previous generation tried this, but has not yet done it.

And fight not only with weapons and tactics, but also with magic

The world you find yourself in is a little magical kingdom. Even though you are an army of common people, you are so strong because you are always supported by a range of other powerful forces along the way, including magic and mysterious powers. Using these props will help you increase your chance of winning many times over, provided, at the right time, in the right place, and in the right way.

All you have to do is combine the following elements intelligently to make your army victorious. Use the unique abilities of each hero + Use the strength of each unit thoroughly + Arrange the right location for each unit + Use the terrain and surrounding overlays to your advantage + Cast spells at the right time.

If you do well with this combination, victory is always in your hands.

Tactics are classic, but heroes and units are extremely diverse

In the game you get special units with their own strength, such as infantry, cavalry, magicians, archers, elves, combat soldiers, dwarves …

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The game has a total of 4 major campaigns. Each campaign will have a different layout, room and type of battle, which makes for an exciting experience:

  • Human Campaign: You play as Percival Kent, a veteran of the paladin who is ordered by the Emperor to investigate an army of goblins that have illegally invaded the territory.
  • The Goblin Campaign will feature a new character, Arcaena, the leader of the Goblin Archers. While you are trying to find a Sylvius to tame the forces of nature, you will come face to face with this extremely powerful and mischievous elven mage.
  • In the Orcs and Goblins campaign, you will have the opportunity to control giant dragons to fight. There’s also the enthusiastic support of an elf friend, Vulpis, with the ability to outsmart enemies and launch spectacular attacks. This time your task will be to find the source of an unusual flood that has devastated many parts of the kingdom. And you will meet a new enemy, a ferocious orc warrior.
  • The final campaign takes you into the dwarf realm. Here you have to face powerful unknown enemies. You have to collect all 3 heroes and lots of magic to be able to defeat them. This is the final battle that will determine the fate of the entire empire.

In each campaign you will have a castle built according to your wishes. This castle is both a refuge and a fortress for the army during the great battle. As you implement the strategy, don’t forget to upgrade the heroes and units so that they can become your effective arm in battle. You can also recruit new special forces. When the opportunity presents itself, be sure to take it.

PvP mode

When you play PvP, you choose one of three game modes: Bataille Classique, Capture de Drapeau et Royale (Classic Battle, Pirates and Royale). Each mode has its own beauty. Explore slowly!

MOD APK version of Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes

MOD functions

  • unlimited money
  • Unlocked races
  • No advertising

Download Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes MOD APK For Android

It’s such an attractive hexagon strategy game with too many campaigns and multiplayer modes. In this game you will see so many beautiful pictures, smooth and vivid graphics technology. The plot is as good as an epic. Well worth spending the time playing.