Happy Color MOD APK (Unlocked) Download

Surname Happy color
package com.pixel.art.coloring.color.number
editor X-Flow
size 44M
Required Android 4.4
MOD functions Unlocked

Happy Color MOD APK is a beautiful painting game made by X-Flow. The game is a learn-while-play style that helps develop logical thinking and artistic creativity, suitable for all ages and genders.

Happy Color: The painting game is more relaxing than meditation

Play a coloring game, your mind is calmer than meditation

When I was a kid, all bookshelves had art-style coloring books. It seems like a trend, I think if you look around everyone has a coloring book. While I am not interested in the subject, it is so overwhelming to see the results of the brothers and sisters, especially the pictures with many intertwined details. I also have a little admiration. But asking me to buy a coloring book is not determined enough.

I was shocked when I looked at the colorful Happy Color poster. Just looking at it is fun. And for me, this is one of the most effective relaxation games, more than any meditation or yoga app. Playing while learning is the mindset of many game lines, but making finished products in a friendly, cute, and relaxed way cannot do many games.

How to play?

How to play the game is very simple. According to the ordinal number marked on each picture detail, choose any number and the detail will be enlarged. We enlarge enough and choose a color to fill in this detail. There are many pictures, many different themes, you can choose freely and swim in the sea of ​​inspiration.

Happy Color has a large number of images and themes. Enough for all moods of the players: sad, happy, calm, nature, fairy, animals, birds, boys, girls, plants, weather, work, nostalgia … You will find everything here. And in each topic there is a multitude of different images of categories and topics. Let your imagination run wild.

Speaking of level division, that’s a good point of the game too. Happy Color is not predetermined like many other simple entertainment games and allows you to choose between easy and difficult levels for a displayed picture. Suppose you choose a more difficult level than the same image, more fragmentation of details, more ordinal numbers, and more difficult coloring.

After you have finished painting, you can click save on your device or share it with your friends through major social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … Well, the finished product is not only finished, you can also see the coloring process in the form of fast-paced animations. Sending it to your friends is also very interesting.

Although it’s just a series of 2D images and color arrays, the gameplay is so simple that preschoolers can play too, but Happy Color is a very addicting guy, especially for those who don’t like playing games when needed is. Open the app a few times only. It is finished. When you realize that a day has passed, it is too late. Of course, to play this game you need to be patient. You can’t paint a beautiful picture in just 1 minute. Everything has to go slowly.

How do I feel playing Happy Color?

Relaxation is the first feeling. My mind doesn’t have to think anything. Just focus on choosing numbers, choosing colors, considering whether the color is right or not. You also remember the fairy tale and answer some questions: “Did the character wear this color?”, “Have I changed everything?” When you play Happy Color, you have these thoughts in your head. And they are very healthy for the mind after a hard day’s work, especially after meeting a dissatisfied customer.

Next comes the feeling of joy. Saying happiness is a little too much, but happiness is on your mind. Happy to choose a color that goes with the tone, happy to be surprised by this detail, happy to complete an intricate picture. I have finally completed a true work of art. You know, sometimes life just needs such little joys to take you through the storm that lies ahead.

It’s a cool, nostalgic feeling. Playing painting is considered a child’s task, but it takes a long time for an adult to let the child have their say in him. The feeling of doing something that I used to like so much is very strange, like some kind of subtle nostalgia.

MOD APK version of Happy Color

MOD functions

  • Unlocked
  • No advertising

Download Happy Color MOD APK for Android

And you know, after every hour of night painting I was sound asleep and not dreaming. That is why this pleasure is better than a meditation app. But everyone should also remember that coloring is intended to proactively “meditate”, both to calm yourself down, to entertain the mind, and to train your aesthetic logic. When you play this game, your mind must be very pure.

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