Doofus Drop MOD APK (Unlimited Stars) Download

Surname Doofus drops
package com.curiousmedia.doofusdrop
editor Curious laboratories
size 98M
Required Android 4.4
MOD functions Unlimited stars

Got to use the word “weird” to talk about Doofus Drop MOD APK. The game is a black and white mess where all you have to do is run, jump, fall and do a few other weird things.

Introduction to Doofus Drop

Strangest game ever!

Before talking about anything in the game, I want you to take a look at the poster. It goes beyond what people often say about “weird” games. As the producer proudly says, “Doofus Drop is an addicting game made by weird people for weird people”. And to be honest, I’ve never played a game with such an extremely frustrating “surprise” feeling.

The game is nothing but crazy

Don’t expect everything to be right in this game. Maybe just a few pine trees and the sky are normal, the rest of the main character, the roadside obstacles to the rolling hills and mountains … everything from crazy to very crazy.

At first I had a fleeting thought, “Would someone play this strange game?” But if you think about it for a while, the answer is, “Well, probably a lot. Partly out of curiosity and its monstrous graphics, partly because normal people had to live too tiredly due to the principles of life, they tend to look for “strange” things to ease the mood. For example me who writes this article.

Doofus Drop MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

This is a brief introduction so that you can imagine how strange the game is to impress people, even though this is only your first time seeing the poster.

The history? There is no story at all

When you play Doofus Drop you control Doofus, he’s an alien but I still don’t know what species he belongs to. He rode a ridiculous bike with both wheels miserably twisted.

Your job in this game is simply to let go. At first a bike was given, but you quickly overturn and stumble over something as soon as you start a few laps, sometimes a trash can, sometimes a stone.

Doofus Drop for Android 1440x810

In short, send the alien Doofus on his bike over treacherous mountain slopes and overcome obstacles on the hill like garbage dumps, huge forks, wormholes, some unique monster skulls that even surpass the immutable principles of gravity and the longest and most painful “falling path”.

There is no logic in Doofus Drop

If you play this game you will fall anyway. All possible random case positions will appear and then your character will start “taking money”. The more twists and turns you fall, the greater the chance that you will have more stars. Or a few bouncing shots to rush down the slopes will bring you lots of stars, too. Sometimes when falling, a pop-up message board will appear like “You are out of snacks, try to hit a can of canned food, you will be rewarded”. But once you’ve fallen and rolled, everything is out of control. You can only accept what the game offers you and no longer control anything. That’s why I said Doofus Drop was the weirdest game ever.

The more you play, the more ridiculous than ever. Upgrade your bike, learn to jump further and higher, throw more laps, combine it with starting skills and “fart” as far as possible to roll as you fall. Yeah, you didn’t read that wrong, fart. The logic is that once you figure out how to fart you can keep rolling like a natural rocket in the back of your a **, lmao.

Doofus Drop screenshot 1440x810

So you just keep going, come across an obstacle or a ravine too deep and get stuck there, then it’s game over and you have to start over. Well sometimes it’s not a simple obstacle but a fork that’s in heaven and you fall and stick your ass right into that sharp fork. Do you think this kind of ending situation makes you both angry and laughable?

The gameplay is interrupted by multiple games of chance, including money, stars, bombs, bikes, skulls, flints, and canned meat. This also helps a lot, for example getting stuck in a hole that is too deep, suddenly getting a magic spin, hitting the bomb, the bomb falls on the head, explodes and you go back to the game.

MOD APK version of Doofus Drop

MOD function

Unlimited stars

Download Doofus Drop MOD APK For Android

I have to say again, Doofus Drop is an addicting game made by weird people for weird people. I think if you ever want to scream “I’m crazy” at one point in your life, remember to open Doofus Drop and start playing right away. Because you will remember that somewhere on this earth there are people who are crazier than you. Then live on and be happier than you were a few minutes ago.