DEAD WARFARE MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo/HP) Download

size 115M
Required Android 4.4
MOD functions Unlimited ammo / HP

DEAD WARFARE MOD APK is a first-person shooter role-playing game from the Vietnamese publisher VNG GAME STUDIOS. In the game you take on the role of heroes who survived the zombie epidemic and are looking for a cure to save humanity.

Introduction to DEAD WARFARE

RPG Zombie Shooting – gun games

The post-apocalyptic story is suffocating

The game takes the context of the year 20XX, post-apocalyptic, when the world is filled with zombies and the dark prospect never ends. You play as the hero of the MPS-16 organization, a gathering of warriors among the few survivors on earth who try to fight hordes of violent zombies. Along the way, you will have to find other survivors with different skills such as snipers, long range marksmen, and others who can use other weapons to destroy zombies together. The ultimate goal is to find the cure to save humanity available in Death Valley in the Middle East.

DEAD WARFARE for Android

DEAD WARFARE begins with a dark, dilapidated scene in the museum. You and your teammates are forced to fight non-stop with a very small number of weapons at night. But in this seemingly hopeless battle, the group can find a new secret on how to save humanity from this zombie apocalypse. And the strong belief in the future illuminates the entire group to continue the uncompromising struggle.

The gameplay won’t let you stop

If you fight zombies in each scene and collect enough points, you will have a new skill. For example, on the first screen I tried, Explosive Grenade, I was able to detonate a bunch of zombies. If you use this new skill, you will quickly complete the first round successfully. At the end of each screen, the summary score appears with the name and level of the corresponding character and the statistics available, including win, head kill, combo kill, drop bonus. These totals result in the character’s total reward points.

In each scene along with finding and killing zombies, you will have to find other survivors using radio to spot them and collect them on your team. With the points earned from previous battles, you can select radio equipment according to many different advanced levels. And every time you call the radio to find allies, you are also spending a lot of money.

Character classes appear one after the other and bring a range of new powers with them. And here you will find that the game is no longer just about shooting and shooting, it’s also about strategy. Choose who to fight this time, choose who to support in each fight, what weapon and skill to use? All are game questions that only you can find answers to.

The game is always new with new characters, new gameplay and extremely sophisticated weapons

The game has many game scenes, each level corresponds to a different color space and a different scene: museum, bridge, gas station, time square, theme park. A new character appears according to each scene. And the characters all have different looks, skills, and upgrade steps.

When recruiting new characters, the screen will display the identity of the new character each time the call is made. Of course there is also an exhibition of his special weapon. But skill is one thing, whether or not having a weapon is another. So you have to double the task of choosing and buying weapons for new teammates. Another way to spend money. Your bag must be hurt !! With each new character, the original weapons that can be equipped for them are also different. For example, if Mr. Chandler can use heavy military weapons, items from the Military Weapon Box to the Rare Weapon Box will be suggested to you. You choose to buy depending on your strategy and budget.


Speaking of weapons, which make up almost 90% of the appeal of a first-person shooter. The weapon types in DEAD WARFARE are very diverse, as each character with his own specialty has a number of corresponding weapons. So when combined it becomes a super powerful arsenal. And every weapon in the game, normal or advanced, can be customized with a variety of components to achieve new levels of damage. You can see the weapon in a 3D perspective and be amazed by its beauty.

What about the enemy?

Zombies also have many different levels of skillful development. At first it was just a few little zombies walking slowly, just a little disgusting. But later you will see more types of zombies with more impressive skills and levels, such as: They hide like gods now, rush like horses and sometimes make you scream in surprise.

Mechanism of “self-encouragement” in the game

From time to time you can go in and out of the Guide Map to see where you have ended up on your journey, what quests are ahead of you, and what characters are waiting to be found. While it’s just a neat card in the form of a horizontal timeline, it will definitely help your mood when you look at your results after game time. The warriors here need motivation, even if there is a faint hope of moving on, and so do you.

For each character there are elements in the main menu: Survivor, Weapons, Energy, Money, so that you can control and monitor the development of each individual through battles.

Excellent graphics from DEAD WARFARE

Just play the first scene, you will understand why DEAD WARFARE is so popular and popular. The 3D game is alive in every detail. Everything emerges clearly on a somber deep background. Each horde of zombies appeared menacing with formidable shapes.


The guns on your hands are carefully designed, every time you load the bullet and pull the trigger the gun will vibrate. And the zombies in this game are just like the ones you’ve seen in blockbuster movies. They are busy looking for food, you emerge, make a noise, and then they pause for a moment, everyone looks at you and pounces on you. All this logical development was made very logical. When playing this game you may feel like you are living in an authentic zombie movie.

The sound effects in DEAD WARFARE are also very sharp. The sound of gunfire, the sound of bombs, the sound of you and your teammates walking through the dark alleys … anything can shake any steely mind.


MOD function

Unlimited ammo / HP

Download DEAD WARFARE MOD APK for Android

A 3D first person shooter role-playing game has many character classes and different weapon systems and corresponding upgrades. The scenes are so beautiful and deep. In addition, there are many corners that can be exploited in combat. Well I can say that not playing it is a waste of your life, guys.

So what are you waiting for? Download DEAD WARFARE to play right now!