Cell Expansion Wars MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Surname Cell expansion wars
package com.mobirix.MultiplyWar
editor mobirix
size 25M
Required Android 4.1
MOD functions unlimited money

Join the battle of cells in Cell Expansion Wars MOD APK (Unlimited Money) game. If you are into biology, especially cells, this is a game not to be missed.

Introduction to Cell Expansion Wars

mobirix is ​​a game developer famous for Android phone users. They already have products that are loved by millions of people and thanks to that momentum, they continue to market a new game called Cell Expansion Wars.

Cell Expansion Wars is a simple and tactical game. Here you take part in a small world of cells, but full of competition and brutality. Such is the world of small cells, but if you are not strong enough you will become prey to other creatures.

Style of play

The first highlight of Cell Expansion Wars is the simple gameplay but pretty competitive. When a level begins, cells will appear on the screen, including your blue cells and other colored cells of the opponent. You will swipe up on the screen to create tentacles, connect to enemy cells and defeat them.

When the tentacle is successfully connected, the parent cell sends the daughter cells to attack. The enemy’s health is constantly being compromised, and you will capture this cell and connect it to your cell when its health drops to zero.

However, your cells also have some level of health. As you attack other cells, your health will gradually become depleted on a scale of 1 to 1. If your health is depleted first, you lose. And so Cell Expansion Wars shows that you need clever strategies to defeat your opponents. You must build a large network of cells before going to war with a cell with many health points.

One simple tip is that you should collect the small cells first. Then connect the cells together so that they complement each other in strength and health. As a result, you will easily win any “cell war”.

Some tips you may need

In the gameplay section, I gave you a tip on fighting cells with less health in order to integrate them into your network.

Another tip: if you feel like you are losing, you can cut the tentacles to wait for your health and better prepare for the next attack. The system also suggests that you should cut through the tentacles near the cell junction to do more damage to your opponent. In case you cut off, the cells have some extra health points to help them heal faster.

Overall, every challenge in Cell Expansion Wars is a fierce battle. Enemies also send tentacles to attack you while taking over smaller cells as well. Make sure they don’t achieve their goal. You have to prevent that when you send a tentacle back to counterattack. If the two cells have the same attack speed, all damage is negated and the fight takes place in equilibrium. The party that is sick first will lose.

Support article

There are a few quick boosters to help you get out of a critical situation, namely growth drugs and transformation drugs.

As for the growth pill, it would either help a cell on the network regain 10 health points or cause the opponent to lose 10 health points. Depending on the case, you will learn how to use it properly.

As for transformation drugs, turn every cell into your cell. This type of item is really useful as it helps reverse the tide of the battle.

However, these items can only be obtained if you use the money to buy or display ads. Use it when absolutely necessary because you don’t know what type of cell you will face on the next round.

MOD APK version of Cell Expansion Wars

MOD function

Unlimited Money: With hundreds of levels, the difficulty level keeps increasing, making your goal to invade and connect all of your cells. We have helped you with your finances so you can buy support items.

Download Cell Expansion Wars MOD APK For Android

Cell Expansion Wars is a simple game, but it is a long and difficult journey to master the microscopic world at the cell level. You need to devise an appropriate strategy, continually evolve, and deploy supports to defeat the toughest opponents. Along with the financial help in our MOD APK version, you will soon achieve it. Install the MOD version now and start your cell battle!