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    Apply For Adminship

    Moved this thing to The Lounge or something like that. Anyways you can either buy admin or just wait for giveaways or something. I can't help much in this case.
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    Solved dr.bouboule Ban appeal

    If u can't provide us with demo that means that you were cheating.
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    Solved dr.bouboule Ban appeal

    There are no bans without reason. And like all players you need to give us demo so we can make sure that you are not hacking. No demo == No unban
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    [Cheater] S3OUB STEAM_1:0:2003452290

    Banned. Thanks for reporting.
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    [Cheater] Vodka STEAM_0:0:1322064921

    Banned. Thanks for reporting.
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    Solved [Cheater] IvchoUBG STEAM_1:0:484752704

    It's hard to tell cuz of 1 round spectating. Banned till he gives us proof that he's not hacking. I hope that online bans works, lmao.
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    What are you listening to right now

    Eh..... 10/10 because I like lots of songs. So 1 of my favorite songs would be:
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    Free VIP Giveaway!! (1 Month) [3 users]

    Good luck, everyone!