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    vhoxe keeps banning for no reason

    im not evn tlking to him now but he bans for no reason with insuting and swearing pref and now he bnned me for killing him and says im cheating <if he kills me im noob but if i kill him im hcking >
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    Help krusty Ban appeal

    tell me where ican upload demo from
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    Help krusty Ban appeal

    ok will u unban me after that mister ektallion
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    Help krusty Ban appeal

    User name: krusty Ban details: ||| You are banned ||| Nick: boggs ||| IP: ||| SteamID: STEAM_1:0:1503773159 ||| By admin: ektaliON ||| Reason: Cheating ||| Ban created: 14.01.2021 - 13:13:48 ||| For length: Permanent ||| On: GS2US.COM || Dust2 Only Public [24/7] (de_dust2) |||...