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    Yes, both do and "Chax" too. I'd like to ban these three guys, but you have neither attached a status-screenshot nor entered status into the console while recording. There is nothing I can do without their Steam IDs. In the future, please type "status" and after that "snapshot" into the console...
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    Seem my provider is blocking zippyshare. Works with VPN now. ;)
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    Hi, sind beide gebannt. "Catch me if you can" ist leider sehr hartnäckig und kann seine Steam ID wechseln wie Unterhosen. Daher gerne in Discord melden. Sofern ein Admin gerade online ist, wird Dir so am schnellsten geholfen. Mit "@admins" werden alle Admin direkt angepingt.
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    Hi [email protected], both links don't work for me. 403 Forbidden
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    Apply For Adminship

    You can buy VIP/Admin permission like everyone else. Because of your behaviour in the past, I would not give you admin rights. But not my decision.
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    Hi derwahrelulu, do you have a screenshot of his Steam ID? There are several accounts that come into question. Most likely all belong to one person. We need to clarify internally how to proceed. First of all, I would like to ban the account with which the fraud was committed. Offtopic: Was...
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    Apply For Adminship

    Hi, in my Eyes an admin should be able to know the difference between good player and cheater. If he does not see the difference or is unsure, he should seek the opinion of experienced admins / players instead of insulting and rushing against them. You might want to play for a longer period...
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    Hey [email protected], we need the demo file. Follow this guide if you want to report a Player / Admin
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    Help Idk if is admin abuse but ill post this.

    PLEASE read: How to report Player/ADMIN?
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    Thanks for reporting. He's banned because I was online right away. For the future please read this: Be sure to provide us the server name and always a Demo.
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    Admin Abuse

    It seems that someone stole the admin password from ~cherish your life and is abusing it. It's not ~cherish your life himself.
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    Admin Abuse

    Please read this info and add the missing information to your mail and upload the demo.
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    [Cheater] Chochero STEAM_0:0:1235958175

    @MyNameaGiorgio The demo-links don't work.
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    Solved [abuse of Adminrights][Cheater] ex1T STEAM_1:0:2091786427

    ex1T STEAM_1:0:2091786427 Admin GS2US.COM || Dust2 Only Public [24/7] When he is dead in the CT-Team and the bomb got planted, he sometimes directed his team to the correct bombspot by admin message. Not very fair and not a good behaviour for an admin. The bigger problem is that he obviously...
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    Solved [Cheater] ~HerCuLes~ (VIP) STEAM_1:0:292670546

    ~HerCuLes~ STEAM_1:0:292670546 VIP GS2US.COM || Dust2 Only Public [24/7] ~HerCuLes~ was using an Aimbot. Stopped when he noticed that I'm spectating. Demos gs2us_dust2_only.dem starting at 109:02 hercules.dem starting at 125:02