GameThe Sims: Complete Collection
DeveloperElectronic Arts (EA Games)
PublisherElectronic Arts (EA Games)
Release DateNovember 1, 2005

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Game requirements


  • Operating system: Windows XP (SP1).
  • Processor: 233 MHz or faster Intel Pentium processor or AMD K6.
  • Memory: 32 MB RAM.
  • Video Card: 2 MB 16-bit Color Capable with DirectX 7 compatibility.
  • Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 7.
  • Hard Drive: 3.25 GB.


  • Operating system: Windows XP (SP3) or above.
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster Intel Pentium processor or AMD K9.
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM.
  • Video Card: 256 MB 16-bit Color Capable with DirectX 7 compatibility.
  • Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 7.
  • Hard Drive: 5 GB.

About the game

The Sims 1 is the first version of the game Sims (The Sims), which was the beginning not only of a series of games but also of the genre as such (Simulation). The success stunned the developers: the game was not expected to be extraordinary.

However, the “sandbox” about the most ordinary life without such a seemingly important part as the gameplay was loved by the public and received the recognition of the most demanding critics.

Some fans of the series consider the first part the best of its kind and prefer the charm of archaic advanced graphics and the open world. What is the goal of the game? There are several of them.

The main one is to meet the needs of the sim. The low values of some of them have a significant impact on the character, hunger, for example, can even kill. Maintaining life contributes to another goal and even career growth and savings. Social relations are a significant part of the project.

The Complete Edition includes both the original game The Sims 1 and absolutely all the official addons. Players have to manage the lives and fates of little people, help them find a job, make friends, establish a personal life.

You can build cosy houses, change the entourage, design and appearance of the characters. It’s a whole life with love and drama, career and fun poolside parties. The game has won worldwide recognition and the love of millions of fans and in a short time became a real hit.

The edition includes the original version of The Sims game and all 7 add-ons to it:

  • The Sims Livin ‘Large.
  • The sims house party.
  • The sims hot date.
  • The sims vacation.
  • The sims unleashed.
  • The sims superstar.
  • The Sims Makin ‘Magic.
  • In-game items from the Deluxe and Double Deluxe editions.

Sims 1 Complete Edition: Gameplay

The player controls a family of several characters. At the same time, you won’t be able to control several at once. Each has nine scales of need: hunger, bladder, sleep, hygiene, entertainment, communication, comfort and comfort.

The latter two depend on the environment. Especially important comfort: a sim (a character in the game) with a low characterization is no more listening to the player. The family lives a normal life only under the sensitive guidance of the player, without him the models are mostly stupidly rushing, shouting and waving their arms.

A work that can be provided by the whole family can be found in a newspaper or computer. It is not enough just to go to the workplace on time for career growth. Sim should develop his skills by reading books or practising skills in practice.

When moving up the career ladder, the salary increases, however, often changes the work schedule. Available a variety of professions, the sim can become a severe war and a thoughtful artist.

Creating a family

In the Sims 1 Complete Edition, the character editor doesn’t show much diversity, but it’s enough to create a different sim. There are five parameters: age, gender, skin colour, head and clothing.

Ages consist of only two categories (child and adult), the skin consists of only three colours (light, dark, dark). Age should be chosen carefully because the characters do not grow up and do not age.

Separately, you need to distribute the points by the qualities of the character. There are also five of them: cleaning, out, active, playful, good. Each feature is described.

Based on the distribution results, the game shows the sign of the character’s zodiac. In addition, the sim must have a name and surname. The player also prescribes a brief biography of his ward. The family can be up to 8 people, at the end of the creation it is allocated a certain amount of money, enough to buy a modest house.

Building during the game

In the game, you can build houses. Initially, The Sims was a game of architecture and construction, and in the final version of this allotted a lot of time.

In the game, how to refine existing buildings, and build on empty areas completely depending on the author’s structures. Different types of wallpaper, floor, doors and windows, different types of roofs, columns and arches will help to create a unique masterpiece or repeat the existing in reality.

Rooms will not stand empty. The game has a variety of furnishings from a bookcase to an outdoor aquarium. Creating a unique style and the most comfortable environment completely fall on the shoulders of the player.

Graphics and sounds

Painting a tiny world is naive and primitive. The graphics of the game are out of date even before its release. And if the houses turned out quite decently, the models of characters are extremely rude and generally crooked.

There are no facial expressions in principle, it is better not to look at the facial features at all. The music in “The Sims” is mostly light jazz. Critics noted the success of musical themes and their calming effect.

Especially for the game, a special “language” was developed, which is smallish. It is a meaningless set of sounds and serves to convey the emotions of the character, without any meaningful information.


  • You can live your life in Sims in the truest sense of the word. Get a job, make friends, buy real estate and something else. All these are real-life paraphernalia, aren’t they? This version of The Sims is not a PC port, it has its own 3D engine, a completely separate set of mission tasks and, unlike the original, a full-fledged multiplayer! The game supports the mode for team passes through the amazing virtual world. Play with your family, friends or neighbours and your relationship will change for the better!
  • The Sims Livin’ Large: The first addon which adds a few new game elements to social interactions that create tons of “cool” emotions and a lot of new gameplay experiences.
  • The Sims House Party: The second add-on that includes big mega parties.
  • The Sims Hot Date: Now you can send your sim on a date, where he will charm a representative of the opposite sex, which, no doubt, at least one step closer to happy family life. In this edition, you will find a portion of new features, which mainly concern kisses. The better the relationship between Sims, the more interactions appear.
    By the way, there was a new kind of relationship. Now your Sims have a scale of short- and long-term relationships. There is also a new city called Downtown.
    It is a pile of all kinds of cafes, restaurants, beaches, discos, shops and parks. This is where the dates that this addition was created take place.
    To get into the city, it is enough to call a taxi and choose a place where you want to go. However, if you are afraid that it will be boring, you can take with you households or invite someone from the neighbours.
    On arrival, children usually run to where there is different entertainment, women look at shop windows, and men line up for food. In any case, the trip is a great way to find new friends.
  • The Sims Vacation: The version Maxis continues to grow add-ons (which is not surprising, given the 2.6 million copies sold in North America alone). Another, called Vacation, will allow the characters to go on vacation.
    It is known in what latitudes is that wonderful place – separated not by a wide highway there are beaches and snow-covered Christmas trees, which allows for one vacation to ride on ice slides and swim in the world.
  • The Sims Unleashed: Give your characters the opportunity to add a furry friend to the family. Rob the apartments of your pets, teach them to do tricks, buy them toys, goodies and accessories, and do their best to keep them from breaking down the house!
  • The Sims Superstar: In this version expansion, The Sims are ready for their close-ups. Players can now realize their fantasy fame and wealth as they pursue dreams of becoming a rock star, movie star or supermodel and living in a celebrity lifestyle.
    All new games, new social interactions, and a brand new in-game destination offer players all the skipping into the superstar world.Will your Sim become an icon or fade into obscurity under a bad dinner in the theatre? Will they win the coveted Simmy award or are they vying for a commercial? In The Sims Superstar, you’re an idol maker.
  • The Sims Makin’ Magic: So, before your Sims, you have some impressive opportunities, they are. They will be able not only to do a variety of fun tricks but also, for example, turning pesky neighbours into toads and lizards or use all sorts.
    However, there will be the most ordinary characters, the magic does not own and react to yours. Domestic evil is the most natural way with shock and horror, which, as you know, does not contribute to the tying up of friendships. Evil as a domestic servant.


Do you also want to live your own life again and correct all the mistakes you made? Unfortunately, this is not possible, but in Sims, you can experience all the moments of life from birth to death, even the opposite sex.

In the event that you previously restrained yourself from virtual life, the special edition just pulls to play. Therefore, we strongly recommend you The Sims 1 Complete Collection download on our website.

In the presented project you can create your own character, which will be exactly like you or your friends, build your dream house, choose the desired design of your home, grow a garden, meet neighbours, find the desired job and start making money.

And that’s not all, you will also be able to form the character of the hero and do everything to make it a man because your “dummy” is very lazy and in itself does not want to do anything.

It is worth noting that this edition includes both the original game The Sims and absolutely all the official addons. Players need to manage the lives and fates of Sims, help them find a job, make friends, start a family, etc.

The Sims 1 Complete Collection is a life with love and drama, career and fun poolside parties. This game project has won worldwide recognition and love of fans in a short time!