GameNeed for Speed Most Wanted
DeveloperCriterion Software
PublisherElectronic Arts (EA Games)
Release DateNovember 11, 2005

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Game requirements


  • Operating system: Windows XP (SP2).
  • Processor: Intel Pentium processor with a frequency of at least 1.4 GHz.
  • RAM: 256 MB.
  • Video Graphic card: 512 MB with DirectX 9 compatible.
  • Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.
  • Free space on the hard drive: 3 GB.


  • Operating system: Windows 7 or above.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV / AMD Athlon XP (or better).
  • RAM: 2 GB.
  • Video Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce with 1 GB of video memory or better compatible with DirectX 9.
  • Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0s.
  • Free space on hard drive: 10 GB.

About the game

Are you a carefree lover of speed and dizzying adventures? Then the game Need for Speed – Most Wanted will appeal to you! After all, you can once again move freely around the city, pump your car and compete with other street racers, earning money for the upgrade.

In this part of the city fully lives its quiet and measured life, there are traffic jams and traffic lights. But, traffic jams and narrow passages – these are your main allies in those moments when you sit on the tail of the police.

Compared to NFS Underground 2, the developers have completely updated the gameplay. If earlier, to jump between cars required only a reaction, now you have to have the proper experience to overcome barriers and narrow passages at high speed. To get rid of the chase, now have to perform a dizzying trick or a virtuoso U-turn.

Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005 is an arcade car simulator developed and published by Electronic Arts. The game was created to attract an additional audience. Therefore, the creators decided to return the series “to the roots”, reviving the race with the police and other mechanics.

However, several new features were implemented that were missing in previous parts. Download NFS Most Wanted for free from our website. This is one of the most successful commercial projects in the history of the genre, which at the time of release was very popular among gamers.

Need For Speed Most Wanted: Gameplay

The adventure of the player begins with the fact that he is literally immediately put behind the wheel of the legendary car BMW M3 GTR and sent to the most that there is real heat. Soon the protagonist runs into a natural set-up and finds himself one step away from the prison cell.

Fortunately, the charming Mia helps the main character to escape punishment. Moreover, it gives the protagonist the opportunity to prove to everyone around his superiority in street racing. This is how the ascent of the unnamed racer from the bottom to the very top of the blacklist of criminals begins.

As in Underground 2, the player is able to move freely around the city, but now all the action takes place in the fall and daylight hours. While travelling through the streets, you can find pictograms denoting the available races, as well as garages, car dealerships and workshops, allowing you to improve the car or change its appearance.

Also in the city, there are various objects that give bonuses to the rating. For example, radars, which you need to pass at a certain speed.

Another important innovation that now the player can choose the race, being in the garage. Thus, there is no need to get to the marked places on their own, because it is possible to do it instantly.

The main story mode in the game is “Career.” It presents the “Black List” of 15 riders, who need to win in duel races. To advance on this kind of “ladder”, the player must score a rating. You can get it only by winning races and racing with the police.

Police assignments are one of the most important elements of gameplay. Among them can be such as detour studded tapes, pursuit on time and more. One of the most interesting modes is the destruction of police cars. This task can give a lot of rating if the player is savvy. Police cars are seriously different in characteristics, depending on the level of the chase. For example, jeeps destroy quite hard, but they give points much more, compared to standard cars.

After fulfilling all the requirements, the player will be able to access the race with the boss (marked with a special marker on the mini-map). Then the gamer will need to defeat him in several modes. After that, you will be asked to choose two of the six diamond-shaped markers. They may contain cards to reduce the level of police pursuit, money, various parts and decor, as well as the car of the boss. Additional cars and parts are also being opened as the player advances to the Blacklist. In addition, periodically the gamer will receive reports about upcoming events, or useful hints.


Need for Speed Most Wanted is one of the games that worth to remember for sure! That’s due to the features implemented in the game that made it really fun to play alone or with friends! Here are more features about the game that you can check them out:

  • Open world, allowing you to move freely around the city, going to the sleeping, then in the industrial areas.
  • The city is big and stormy, so on the road, it is quite possible to get into a traffic jam. But when the police hang on the tail, there is no time to cool down – you need to tear the claws! To escape will help nooks and workshops of street racer skills.
  • Now one reaction will not be enough – to break away from the pursuers, will have to give out some spectacular trick. Most Wanted will never be bored!
  • Of course, the tuning still stands alone. War is war, as they say, and lunch is on schedule. So go to the garage and prove yourself in design and engineering! By the way, where else in Most Wanted is it very important to have a powerful engine? There’s everything for that. Forward!
  • The goal of each player will be to break from the category of a beginner to the top of the racing elite, that is to become the first in the “Blacklist.” Just remember that the higher you advance on this list, the more desirable you are for the local police…
  • Play NFS Most Wanted multiplayer. You can compete with friends and just other players, drive, earn points, get rewards and new details for your car. Defeating others, you make your way to the racing elite and thus can be at the top of the tournament list.
  • Tuning without borders. You can still improve and decorate your car as you wish, and use it to show your individuality. After all, cars have always been a means of self-expression of the owners’ own.
  • The possibility of slowing downtime. This resource appears and increases at high speeds and can help you make the right decision in difficult situations, such as when an SUV pops up at high speed. Slowing down the time, you will be able to quickly navigate the situation and adjust the actions in time.

Police chasing

Another distinctive mode of Need for Speed Most Wanted is the police chasing. Its essence is to race with the police. And as the story progresses, it will be increasingly difficult to break away from law enforcement.

In total, there are 7 levels of the chase, but in the mode “Career” available only 6 of them. At each level, there are more police officers, with additional units joining them, which will make everyone more tactical. At Level 5 and Level 6, Sergeant Cross himself will join them. He arrests the protagonist at the beginning of the game but subsequently releases for lack of evidence.

In the “Dossier” you can get detailed statistics related to the chase, there are available parameters such as the number of bypassed roadblocks and the total number of damaged police cars.

The player can also be arrested if he moves at a speed of less than 20 km/h and a police car is nearby. This is the responsibility of a special indicator at the bottom of the screen. If it reaches the “Arrest” division, the gamer will be fined, as well as given a warning about the possible confiscation of the car.

Such warnings can be accumulated several at once, after which the car will still be taken away. The game will be lost if there are no cars left in the garage. In this case, there will be an automatic download until the last car was still available.

In “Career” machines have an individual level of the chase. Thus, you can avoid the attention of the police, just in time to change. In addition, you can lower the level of the chase with the help of styling in the workshops. If you make the most of the appearance of the car, it will give a chance that the police do not recognize the player’s car at the meeting.

On the NFS Most Wanted game map, there are special fragile buildings that can be destroyed, so that the ruins, in turn, destroyed the police. They are marked with a special pictogram and become available only during the chase. In addition, buildings recover over time, so one object can be used multiple times.

If the player managed to escape from the pursuers, the chase will be put on standby. Then the indicator will appear again, this time it will show the time through which the police will stop chasing the player. The area in which he is located will undergo increased patrols, including helicopters if the level of the chase has reached the fourth.

However, aviation has a limited fuel supply, which forces them to go to refuel. If the player is seen again, the chase will resume with all the consequences at the same level as it was. To facilitate the “hide” and speed up the filling of the indicator, in the locations, there are special shelters. If the player is in the set time, the police leave him alone.

Types of racing in Need for Speed Most Wanted

Unlike the previous parts, Need for Speed Most Wanted does not have “Drifting” mode, however, there are new types of racing. Another feature is that all the races are carried out only in the city territory, there are no separate routes here.

Ring race

“Ring” is a closed-circuit race. The main goal of the player is to be the first to arrive at the finish line, having passed a certain number of laps before that. Their number varies from 2 to 5, and the number of remaining laps will be reported by a special counter. To play comfortably on these tracks, to have time to manoeuvre in time, you need a fine-tuning of the sensitivity of control.

Secondomer race

“Secondomer” consists of not closed tracks, similar to the previous mode. There is one important difference that fundamentally changes the entire gameplay. Only the player is able to participate, so there will be no opponents. However, the essence of “Seundomer” is to overcome the control points in a short period of time. If the player manages to reach it earlier, the remainder of the term will be added to the total time.

Relegation race

“Relegation” is a track similar to the “Ring”, but the rider, who finishes the lap last, immediately leaves the race. As a result, the player must always come to the end of the circle at least the second, and the last one must come first to win. In addition, there is no police in this mode, it is present only in races from the “Black List”.

Fighter race

“Fighter” is a race with open tracks, as in “Sprint”. The difference is everywhere placed radars, which you need to drive with maximum speed to get the most points. For each participant is his own calculation, respectively, who will have more will be the winner at the end. However, the player should always try to be the first to drive past the radar, because for this other opponents will be charged fines, which helps a lot in the race.

Drag Race

The essence of this mode is to get to the finish line, switching gears in time. This is the only type of race where only a manual gearbox is available. If the tachometer arrow will stay in the red zone for a long time without changing gears, the engine may overheat. In addition, traffic here strictly obeys the scripts, because of which the player will be forced to drive on certain lanes, periodically changing them. A simple collision or delay can cause a loss, so the gamer will have to use all his reaction and speed of the chosen car.

NFS Most Wanted: Multiplayer

In Need for Speed Most Wanted, the official servers ceased to exist on August 11, 2011, due to the release of new parts of NFS, namely Hot Pursuit and Need for Speed: World, which began to offer much more features in terms of online play.

Another reason, according to the developers, was the difficulty with supporting servers. Because of this, access remained only to the multiplayer game on the local network. However, this problem could be solved by fans, creating special multiplayer mods that allow you to search and connect to unofficial servers, so the point is to download NFS MW still remains.

Game Cars

As in previous games, in Most Wanted the player can control licensed car models from well-known manufacturers. It is also in this part that the gradation from production cars to various sports cars, which for the most part switched from Hot Pursuit 2, has returned.

For the first time, there were such cars as Fiat Punto, Cadillac CTS. The jeeps were removed, except for the police version. In general, most of the fleet players could see in the previous games of the series. It is worth noting that the specifications of the presented models are quite conditional and do not reflect the parameters that have original cars in reality.

Damages in the game number are conditional and are expressed in dents and scratches. The specifications are not affected. The exception is the spikes, which the player will lose speed, and further movement will become impossible.

Styling Cars

You can avoid them by using time slowdown, and with this function, it is easy to dodge heavy jeeps. In Chase mode, the player is able to control both police cars and normal traffic. However, this opportunity is not available in “Career” because their new cars need to be bought at auto markets, or win races with bosses.

Compared to previous games, namely Underground and Underground 2, in Need for Speed Most Wanted the possibilities for tuning cars have become noticeably less. In addition, instead of hidden in different parts of the city stores selling parts, came specialized workshops, where you can buy all the necessary parts, and at the same time install them on the car. There are a few customization options available:

  • Styling is a change in body, discs and other notable external elements. If in previous games it was possible to replace the rear and front bumpers separately, as well as other small parts, now the ready-made kits are used for this.
  • Tuning includes the replacement of the “insides” of the car, such as the engine and chassis. Modifications of this category have the maximum impact on the specifications of the machine.
  • Finishing with the installation of vinyl and other improvements in appearance.

After the modifications that change the technical parameters of the car, such as transmission, chassis, engine replacement, purchase of nitrous oxide, the player gets access to a special menu, where it is possible to customize the selected improvements under a certain style of play.

Game world

Throughout the game, the player will visit the three main districts of the fictional city of Rockport, namely:

  • Rosewood is an educational and entertainment centre, available from the very beginning. In the centre is a campus, to the north of which is a park, gradually moving into a golf course. In the western part is a basketball stadium. In the south, there is a sleeping area, where quite a lot of different alleys and sharp turns. The location is ringed by a high-speed highway, so you can quickly reach your destination.
  • Camden Beach is the port part of the city, home to fishermen’s homes, a network of attractions and several industrial areas. The terrain is marked by significant elevations, and the roads have many curved turns, which makes it difficult to move quickly. Opens after winning the #13 on the Blacklist.
  • Rockport Business Center: The name speaks for itself. Having arrived here, the player will be able to see huge construction sites, skyscrapers and offices. You can get only after the victory over #9 in the “Black List.”

Characters in Most Wanted

As he progresses, the player will regularly meet characters who by their actions will either help him to achieve his goals or actively interfere.


Mia Townsend is a familiar antagonist (Rayzor), as well as a friend of the protagonist, helping throughout the plot. After Rayzor frames the main character, she becomes his enemy, then surrenders to the police at the end, and helps the main character escape from the city.

Clarence Callaghen – aka Razor

Clarence Callahan is a.k.a. Rayzor. Initially ranked 15th in the Blacklist, but after an unfair victory over the protagonist immediately rises to the first. At the end of the game is not only defeated by the hero but also detained by the police.


Cross, a city police sergeant, always going on assignments with his assistant. At the beginning of the story arrests the hero, but released because of a lack of evidence. In the end, he leads in pursuit of the protagonist all the police units, but in the end, he is fired.

Game story

At the beginning of the Need for Speed Most Wanted gameplay, the protagonist comes to Rockport on a BMW M3 GTR to find a worthy rival. The local police are frowned upon by the racers and are keen to catch them by all available means. For this purpose, a “Black List” is created, where the names of the 15 most persistent street racers are put in place, as well as statistics of the damage they have caused. However, among riders, it is considered honourable to get there.

Razor backstab

Some time travelling around the city, the protagonist finds Ronnie McCrea, then defeats him in the race and he sends the hero to the local gathering of racers. Despite the obvious discontent, the protagonist is allowed to race, where he successfully wins.

It’s time to compete with Rayzor, #15 on the Blacklist. He arranges a breakdown, because of which the car of the protagonist stops right before the finish line. However, the expulsion of a gang of illegal racers is hindered by the police. As a result, the protagonist is detained, and Rayzor manages to capture the BMW, thus being at the top of the “Black List.

The hero is soon released due to lack of evidence, and he is contacted by Mia, who is dissatisfied with the act of Rayzor. It takes the hero to the city centre, provides a garage and an opportunity to win back.

The revenge back

Gradually, the protagonist progresses in the “Black List”, defeating all the riders one by one, as well as attracting more and more attention of the police. In all the actions of the hero helps both Mia and an old friend Horn, who will give different hints throughout the game.

When Rayzor loses in the competition, he becomes aggressive and is not going to return the car. A gang of defeated racers fully supports him and prepares to use force, when they suddenly burst into Mia and arrests Rayzor, she also manages to prevent violence by showing a holster with a gun.

It turns out that she was an undercover police officer. It also allows the protagonist to escape before Cross arrives, giving the hero the keys to his BMW. Arrived sergeant sends in pursuit of all available units (6th level of the chase). This makes it impossible to take cover in standard shelters, as they are all controlled by the police.

After a five-minute chase, the protagonist will call Mia and tell that the only way to escape is to go to the unfinished bridge and, as it should be dispersed, fly to the other side, and then finally get out of the city. And that will be the end of the Need for Speed Most Wanted game!


The NFS series is one of the most successful in the genre of arcade car simulators. In many ways, this was made possible by the release of Most Wanted, a successful project on which you can create a lot of mods. This is already a good reason to remember the classics. On our website, you can download Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005 completely freely.

In addition, the site has everything you need for a comfortable game. Patches, fashions for all occasions. Everything is done by modules so that players can once again download the NFS Bridge Vanted and try out new content that makes the game more modern and improves most gameplay moments.

Also, NFS Most Wanted download via Google Drive will allow you to get the best possible performance during the process. Google Drive downloads game much faster due to the servers located everywhere worldwide!