About us

GS2US is a gaming-specific website that has been running for several years. Our website mainly has different sections about different Gaming, which are built for a different purposes (such as our FAQs) or a different console (Computer games and Mobile apps sections).

Our goal

Our main goal is to provide all gamers and video game players with all the necessary information and resources to achieve the best gaming experiences with ease.

This includes, for example, all the necessary answers for your different questions, the latest and in-time reported gaming news (coming soon), and downloading pages for almost all the computer games.

Around the globe

Our website targets different countries from all around the world. By that, we ensure to reach the maximum number of players worldwide and provide all the necessary help with several different main languages.

Our team

We are a team of several well-experienced people sharing the same passion for gaming and different type of video games on different consoles.

Each of us has a different skill and role to main, making that all of the combined efforts can keep the website running and all of our sections maintained.